Romani at the Gather


Brothers and Sisters,

Many come from all over to this gather. Who of the blood will be in attendance?

It would be a welcome thing to know that we are with familia and relatively safe while we sleep. Who of you would have interest in a section/cabin for Romani? It will be good to meet and see each other and know that when we are at our most vulnerable, there is familia at our back.

I look forward to meeting those of you i've not and reconnecting with those of you I have.

If coming, please contact me in the dream realm or by missive.


(oog: looking to get as many Gypsy who will be there to bunk together and have our own Gypsy camp/cabin. We still need to follow the rules for reserving a place:

If you are coming and would like to be a part of this, please reply here or send me a message. This should be awesome!)
I will be heading to the land of Vandlar to deal with an evil creature that may have been summoned from my lands. Should you find a place to park a your Vardo or just a loft to to keep you dry, I will visit, though my lodgings have already been secured for the week. I would like to know what tribe may be local that I may present myself and seek hospitality.
Safe Travels,
Bandoleer Kerjal Obcidian Laetshi,
Sorcerer of the Split Sky

((FYI, you posted this on the OOG section of the boards.))


I'm going OOG at this point. ;)

I was looking at getting a camp site for us to use since Gypsies are often proud of their Vardos and prefer the tentage style however if we want to go with a cabin, there might be a happy medium between the two - assuming someone else hasn't snatched it up yet.

I suppose my main question is - are there any gypsies who will NOT sleep in a tent at the event?


good with tent or cabin


I have made the executive decision (although not an executive myself) that the Delaware camping site will be the primary location for Gypsy camp. See "Cabin and Tent site reservations" on this board for more details.


HQ Staff
I'll be there starting Friday night, and I'll have tent space for at least another Rom or two if someone doesn't have a tent :D
I will most certainly be there!