Romani 'formal wear'

My chapter is about to have a huge celebration for royalty coming to town. At that same event, my Romani character is getting married.

I would rather have separate garb for each event special occasion, however, I have no ideas for making an 'elegant' or 'formal' dress for a Romani (who are rather patchwork by nature).

I can sew just about anything, so it doesn't have to be bought.

Any ideas?


I suggest a formal in-period style dress but play it up with very bright, attention-grabbing (probably gaudy) color combinations and patterns, then top it all off by going absolutely overboard with a ridiculous amount of costume jewelry. I think that fits both the theme of the event and the Gypsy racial costume requirements.





Charlottesville Staff
I have a book of Renaissance clothing styles and patterns somewhere around here...we're supposed to be doing a big unpacking day in a couple weeks, so we might find it then. If so, I'll bring it to the May event! Then you can mix-and-match some of the dressier stuff in colorful cloths and it should be awesome. I imagine lots of pastels for the wedding colors and the jewelry will make the outfit complete.
I'm doing renaissance italy in purple, red, and black for that event. Gypsy means flamboyant, not necessarily poor or patchwork. I recommend finding the historical period you like best, some gorgeously bright brocades, and make each piece out of a different color. Bright, over the top, gypsy, while still luxurious. Or choose a color palette and use all kinds of prints, weaves, and textures within that.