Romantic and Physical Role Play Consent Policy

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Minnesota Staff
Alliance Minnesota ultimately believes its players safety is more important than the game. These policies are intended for those who are 18 or older, and NO romantic or physical role play should ever involve anyone beneath this age:
  • At NO time should any player ever be asked to compromise their OOG boundaries to serve their character’s IG motivation or truths.
  • BOTH physical role play and romantic role play consent can be revoked by any player, at any time, and must be respected.
    • The player is expected to use whatever steering is necessary to cease the connection.
    • Phrases like “I suppose we just grew apart” and “Things just changed!” may be helpful here.
  • Telling a player that declining physical contact or romantic content is “bad role play” or “not what their character would really do” is harassment, and may be grounds for suspension or banning.
Please remember that while the role play being negotiated is in game, the negotiation itself is entirely out of game. This means that if you request consent to express romantic interest in a character, and the player declines during negotiation, your character has not been rejected in game. You are responsible for the idea that your character has never felt an attraction to the other person’s. Thus, playing “the scorned lover” in this situation is inappropriate, and may be viewed as in-game retaliation for an out-of-game rebuff, which would be considered harassment.

If any player feels at any time that their right to role play consent is not being respected (if a player engages in unwelcome physical role play without requesting consent, for instance, or after consent has been revoked), this is an addressable concern, and you should feel empowered to bring this concern to a staff member by speaking to an owner or player rep.

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