Rubber Insulation vs. Foam Insulation

Hiya everyone!

I've just been looking at rubber insulation opposed to foam, and I'm just curious what the general consensus is. Rubber of course costs a lot more, but it does feel softer upon contact. Of course, the worry is that it's TOO soft and you begin whacking people with the core of your weapon.



I'm not familiar with using rubber insulation for weapons so I can't say. My suggestion is, if you're not sure find something you're sure about instead. Or go in knowing that you might not be building something that will pass safety.

norman b

If there is a place to buy it (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) and you can get ahold of one of your local marshals, ask them to go down with you. Pick up a piece of PVC (don't buy it, you can actually carry it around the store) go to the foam, and wrap it around the pipe. have them squish it and feel it to see if it will pass as a striking surface.

If you are looking for using it as it will take detail better, use it in the places for detailing work and use something you know will pass for striking surfaces instead.


Softer isn't necessarily better. Part of the point of foam as padding is that it is resilient for its weight, and bounces back from being compressed easily.