Rumors hear around Horizon


You been feeling all that shaking lately? Ya, my barn collapsed and the Jenkins farm fell into a chasm.

Them bandits have been a real problem.

Some of the tribes have been moving around the grasslands.

Streams of refugees are arriving in the capitols.

Pratorak has closed its borders.

I’ve been hearing an otherworldly howl at night. Make sure to bar your doors.

It’s not safe out there.

The adventures are coming they will save us from the undead!

The adventures are coming, they bring the undead from what I hear. That’s not true!

There was a lot of mist the other night, must be why it looked like there was two moons…

Them rats is big!

Don’t trust the adventures to solve your problems. The only way to get it done is to do it yourself.

Time like these I’m glad I sold my cloak a bought that longsword.

Grandpappy said he’s never seen anything like this unseasonable cold.

I hear that there is a conglomeration of merchants gathering together to protect themselves and their wares.

This dwarf came around the other day and asked me a bunch of questions then had some water. Then he walked around the corner of my house and was gone! I couldn’t find him anywhere. I wish I could remember his name.

The celestial guild is doing something… They have been moving large shipments of grain and goods to different locations around the lands.

I hear that the earth guild put up a new greater earth circle after the old one fell into the abyss.
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More Rumors

Have you seen the coins covered in blood?

Do you feel like your watch while you sleep? You saw something looming over you?!

On the way home last night I was jumped by kolbolds! They took everything but my left boot! I still don't know why they left it...

So many rats! They'll spoil all the food!

Good Sir Von Griffon will fight back the enemy!

I don't trust that Lord Silverleaf. Says he's here to help but looks like he brought soldiers to take us over in the trying times.

We should make our own militia and show the nobility we are not to be trifled with...
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There are twenty five rumors, Durl says exactly 17 of them are true. If you wanna know which those are, those are the ones that are the least false.