Rumors Heard Around Gavaria


Chicago Staff
-I saw a red dragon flying over Atupal! It looked like it was heading towards the Giants Bane Mountains. First time in a while folks have seen one, I’m just glad it didn't come eat us

-I hear those newcomers on Atupal helped save the new Queen from an assassination attempt. Now I see why Sir Euron thinks so highly of them.

-Another ship sank off the coast of Atish. The crew said all they saw were pretty lights in the water and then the boat began to sink.

-With all the recent Troll raids I hope it doesn’t impact the crops grown in Cinem. Without Cinem’s farms all we’d have are fish and cranberries.

-Jenny McFarlen went to see Granny Moseby and ended up resurrecting! Did Granny Moseby eat her?

-I thought I was hearing things the other night in the bar. I thought I heard “Glug glug glug” but it was “Chug chug chug”. I plan to stay far away from water or anyone in the Aquavian Cabal after drowning last month. From here on out, just ale for me!

-Food is getting pretty scarce since Cinem started limiting their exports. I wish someone would fix their troll problem so I could eat better.

-First we have flying cities, and now we have flying rainbows! What’s next, flying ships?!

-I haven’t met much of those folks from Atupal, but Sir Corbel sure knows how to help with farming. Heck of a guy!

-I thought I saw I horse rise up from the swamp while traveling down the Lotus River.
-I’ve never seen a horse rise from a bog, but I saw one sink into one when I was a kid. GIves me nightmares to this day!

- I saw that the Blackmoon Sentinels put up a Wanted poster for a campfire. Oh how the might have fallen!

-Glad to see the Atish Militia gaining some new recruits. May finally be able to keep The Lotus River safe from threats!

-I won’t lie, “Down by the Bog” is way catchier than it should be. I’d be inclined to visit if it wasn’t ya know, a bog.

- I don’t understand the sudden demand for cranberries but the market gets what the market wants!

- Tim Bobbin’s Silver Rank party was amazing! Congrats to him for advancing past Copper Rank. Only took him 3 years, but he’s become quite the hunter! How many years do you think before he becomes Moridium Rank?
- I’m pretty sure Silver is all he’ll get. Though who knows, maybe he’ll make Gold in the Blackmoon Sentinels in another 3 years.