S is for Strike

Strava Plot

Gettysburg Staff
The adventurers have made it to the Realm known as Port Morgan that was set up by 2 Raven Fae known simply as Rook, and Branwen. Because of the strength of the adventurers, many of the farmers, and civilians now have a safe place to reside. Rook and Branwen are working with the Adventurers to make portals available to go and hit strategic targets back in Barran. There have been whispers that since the reprograming of the Ritual Hounds, undead are becoming more scarce around many of the towns, and have turned tides in battles for remaining civilians and guards around Knoch’Len. There are now 2 more Baronies to the West of Knoch’len that are now also in open rebellion against the Kingdom, and the Barony of Valgard has sent troops to Knoch’Len to bolster the town. There seems to be change in the air that people can feel, they attribute this to the adventurers and their recent actions.