Sage's Specialties


It is my earnest intention to aid in the organization and effective gathering of knowledge within the Sage's Guild. As such, I believe it would be beneficial for each member of the Guild to list those subjects in which they are most well educated. It would be foolish to assume that we all all masters of even common knowledge, let alone of those highly disciplined studies such as Anatomy, History, Culture or any other specific knowledge. So, please list down any and every area of knowledge which you either already speak freely or wish to learn more about.

With this directory, we may direct inquiries, find educators, and direct objects of interest to those who most desire them.


I shall stand as template for these postings below. Even if your studies into a specialty are not complete, please list them so that we are aware that you wish to expand your knowledge.

Tvard Sendall, specialist in the following studies:

Human and general humanoid anatomy
Body disposal customs
The Deadwalk
Spirit Stones
Aspuudi (Dream and Nightmare)
The Plane of "Possibility"
The Flames of Cremation
Customs of the Red Back Elf tribe
Aalok and the realm of Death
Ama'gi organization and role
Circlet of Ath'azel
Barran History


Gettysburg Staff
I humbly submit my services where the translation of Suudic and other foreign texts are concerned. I do not, however, submit them for free and require the recompense of a gold per page. Permit me assure all I have this particular market cornered for the time being.

Additionally, I possess varying degrees of knowledge regarding the customs of the Eight - Nine? - tribes and the history of the Younger.