Sarr- Catnip and Peppermint


I have a Question for all those playing Sarr

In the rule-book it states that Catnip and Peppermint have a rather profound effect on the Feline inspired Sarr- how do you RP that in game?

Catnip seems to be the lesser of these two in ways it causes the Sarr to react
but how do Sarr in game react to someone having Peppermint/catnip? Is it the Leaves of the plant that cause the strong reaction? Essential oil? Tea made from it? Candies? Or all of the above?

I'd love to hear how you personally have your Sarr character react to peppermint and catnip!


My primary has been 'minted' multiple times over the decade of playing her.

In game, she doesn't like it at all; it is a 'loss of control' and she usually avoids it. I'll rp that if I can get away from it, I do, but if I smell it for more than 5 seconds, then I'm under the effect, and I'll murder someone to get at it.

At the old HQ site, there was this -giant- patch of it down by the river that I've rolled in on more than one occasion.

In CT, when I IG found out they had it by the food in the tavern, I stood outside and ate breakfast in the rain so I didn't smell it, with much in-game grumpiness.

Your mileage may vary, but I know for me I play it as -any- mint substance; and once claws are out and I haven't gotten away, all bets are off.



Ooh, remember that patch a Cheseborough?

I take a cue from one of my own cats; catnip is for dopey time. Peppermint is for going bonkers. And she'll stop at nothing to get it. For her it's clearly the menthol, smell and oil.

Sometimes nature is the best teacher.


I play peppermint as a rage inducing substance until I can eat it where it turns into a extreme calm. I have a bit of control when I start to smell it but will lose it if I can smell it for long enough.

For example someone put someones Coffee with Peppermint in front of my character just to have a fight break out between us. He turned into a violent shaking person until he built up enough willpower to force himself to leave the area quickly and angrily since it was someone else's Coffee. People will yell out from far away that they have Mint on them to try and get me to come over. But the normal reaction is to tell them to bugger off since he will not let people make him "lose control" as Ali put it.


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My Sarr is an Earth scholar, but if she smells peppermint she forgets that entirely. The claw comes out and she'll hit whatever is between her and getting the mint. Once she gets it she'll lash out at anyone near her. And then she gets mad that she was robbed of her control.

She gets agitated by the wild mint that grows by the river at Faire Play but it's not peppermint, so she can at least sort of hold it together. She gets aggressive and needs rather explicit instructions to go be a healer. If she puts it in her mouth, she'll start clawing whoever is nearby.

Catnip on the other hand, she loves it. She used it often when she was a new PC, and now she's a shameless addict. She gets mellow, easily amused and lazy.

Deadlands did a ritual thing where there was burning mint and catnip at the same time. One Sarr went nuts on the antagonists. Another Sarr got quite antsy but had some semblance of control over himself. Mine was too busy trying not to freak out to be useful, and spent an entire wave battle stomping g around hardly healing at all.