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Currently I am in the process of creating a black panther Sarr secondary along with my brother.
In my current chapter (GB) there is one regular Sarr, a tiger Sarr. In my years of playing (off and on since 2001) I have mostly seen tigers and cougars. I'm sure there are plenty of PCs representing the various other cat families, given the amount of chapters, and I want to hear about them. Any lions or cheetahs etc. out there?


I play as a Lion Sarr Earth Templar as my main, I have naturally long red hair so I figured it would be fun to have my sarr work with that


One thing to keep in mind when looking at a solid-color Sarr (especially a dark-skinned one) is that it must be clearly differentiated from any other race (such as Stone Elf or Dark Elf). A prosthetic muzzle can help :)

Locally, I've had to ask someone to alter their physreps when they came in with black facepaint and fuzzy pointed ears as they were not clearly a Sarr instead of a Dark Elf. Just something to watch out for!



Thank you, but I am aware of the requirements. I have a tail bought already, and have been looking at masks and the such online trying to come up with a good look.
Not sure when we'll introduce them (we're looking at doing so this year) but we won't until we have the costuming and requirements taken care of.


Theres all kinds of sarr- we have a few lions here, have had a jaguar, some white tigers, and a couple black-panther ones also. Highly reccomend not plain black tho, you're going to run into recognize-ability issues (pink nose for sarr per the book is helpful but I dont think its enough) , the makeup is going to be a pain to make read as a black panther, and rough to keep looking good through the course of a whole event.

You may be doing yourself a favor if you pick a different color, you'll get more creative realestate to make the character recognizable as the species you intend it to be : )

BuuuuUUUUUut- if you're gonna do it, remember that even melanistic big cats still have their spots so if you use multiple shades of black or grey or dark brown, you give yourself more to work with : 3



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Jaguar sarr checking in here. I made myself some dreadfalls to change up my own appearance beyond makeup. I do wear a tail, but I forego prosthetic ears. She's an earth templar jack-of-all-trades type who was literally born without [farts] to give. I generally play her with a very puss-in-boots attitude.


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I play a caracal Sarr. I believe you saw her at the C'ville opener. Between PCs and NPCs I've seen a bunch of cheetahs. I hate heat so I don't wear a mask, but the "anime elf" style ears work well for caracals or lynxes and fangs are a nice addition.


There are also swoop back ears, and other options as well.

I'm one of the cougar ones, so I don't have much to say since there seems to be an abundance(?) of us now ;). Underarmor/'fur' shirts and other body paint jobs are also sometimes helpful, depending on how far you're interested in going.