Season Closer Feedback


I personally want to thank everyone for such a great season. Our first year as not only plot, but now owners. I feel I have personally learned quite a bit and I have everyone here to thank for it.

Long post (sorry, not sorry)

The closer, from my perspective:

As to the event this was a bit of a nerve racking one for me personally, but in a good way. Having a wide open closer isn't common. You often want to raise the stakes on the players, give them one heck of a fight. Spending Friday night stirring the pot with a ton of new information started something that is always a mix of scary and amazing. The adventurers began to argue priorities/causes, and they did it passionately.

That's crazy awesome because it means we created something that people truly care about. It stops being WoW/Stuff Quest and becomes a real story. That's also scary because you can't tell if players are having fun or not. Even from a just pure OOG way of looking at it we get afraid if the arguments are going to keep people from going on mods i.e. having fun. When you are mostly responsible for said fun its easy to forget that fun in a LARP often means role-playing passionately with your character.

More than one person came up to me and told me during the event, "I am so pissed off.... I'm having such a great event!.... but in-game I am freaking out!", said with a big grin. To me that intended compliment is a huge one.

This was a big lesson for me personally to remember to trust my players to tell me they are not having fun or their frustration is purely OOG. Just as I expect players to trust in the plot team that no matter what barrel of what gun they are staring down our primary goal always remains for everyone to have a great time playing. We all came for the same thing in the end; the fight for good times.

Being a season closer the pressure was layered on thick with almost no one coming to give proper direct instructive guidance. I just about burst with pride when multiple people from multiple groups did some fact/info hunting, weighed it all, compared notes, and pulled the trigger together. I feel this InGame community is a reflection of the major upgrade to the OOG community that we have experienced this year. Many have lead the way in that regard, but everyone has had a hand in in building what we have now. So thank you to you all.

Some favorite moments:
-The Oni and the Order Wall field battle
----There are only a few places in our world that are unscaled, unapologetic, and unfair. Plot will never force you to go to these places, you have to make that call for yourself. The Order Wall is one of these places (Obviously). Not only did everyone go there all big eyed and excited... you really went all out! Both fights were amazing. I'm certain they could have not been that great without doublehooking. Without the extra help from players NPCing a place as terrible as the home of the Oni could not be properly played or repped. Both of those fights were incredibly fun, and even more fun to watch.
----Mr. Havok gets a gold star from me. I've been larping with him for years now. We put him through six kinds of hell this weekend. He caught just about the worst of direct badness a player could and he grinned through the whole thing.
----Seeing the roleplay of Havok's capture and the response of Tadron and HoG was just awesome.
-The this-is-a-unscaled-and-unsafe Friday blue-thirty run through the dark foggy forest.... uh.... mod.
----Collete's roleplay mixed with the roleplay of the role I gave Ian was awesome. I was watching so intently I forgot to LARP.
----The Pride and friends hit that mod, organized, and immediately started figuring out the weird mechanics. It seemed no one just followed along like they might in some cave mod. Everyone was involved, everyone was fighting for their lives and those around them. It was impressive.
----Cressida. You have come a long way in a short time. If I got hit with a packet on that mod and I couldn't hear the call I just felt safe in assuming that I got hit with yet another one of your arrows. Well done.
I can't talk about them in any detail, but Ko had more one on one or small group role-play moments in one event than I ever remember happening before. It's all IG so please just accept my thanks to those who did so. You know who you are.
-Oger bindohell
I'm terrible with names, but our new bindomancer resident made that Oger mod a hilarious hell of standing still and complaining in yellow makeup for me. Very well done.
-Madness mod
Tapped, end of the night saturday mod, HoG took one weird and scary battlefield to help one of their own. It was a short but dangerous fight and I felt like everyone could feel it. It was a cool thing to be a part of.
I forgot how exhausting it is to talk like that guy. I only spoke with a few people, but to those that I did it was some great role-play. Thank you.
-Our resident merchants + the late Saturday night armor people.

-SoMi plot often write lots of ideas/stories and tucks them into the nooks and crannies of our world. They don't reveal themselves, they are just waiting to be discovered. 80%-90% of the time they won't see the light of day. That one had gathered dust for a while. I'm excited to see what you do with it. I'm also happy to have true merchants adding to the atmosphere of our game and tavern. Very glad to have you at multiple events this year. Thanks for coming!

Thank you all so much for making our first year of ownership a truly great (and growing) one!

I can't wait to see what happens next season.

Travis - owner/plot monkey