Second Event Favorites!


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What an amazing Second STORMBREAK event. Please take a moment and share your favorite moments and interactions with npcs and PCs! Also any achievements you feel you or others have unlocked.

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Was fun playing that type of mentality.

The contestant conversation started, lol it's comfy!

The rp between the magistrate and Kays. Near the end he just put his head down.

Making new friends and seeing old ones.

I have to give a shout out to Mitzie! Loved hanging with you!

Remembering there was a party on my card in attempts to save a Loofah.

The awesome rp and shenanigans with Roark. Kays really like a being around him and chatting.

To the gentleman who plays Sprout "Guss" I had so much find hanging out!

Can't wait to see everyone next event
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OK, I'll try this favourites thing, in no particular order:

EVERYONE was incredibly welcoming and friendly to this new player, both staff and PC alike. It was great to put faces to names.

Repelling a rat so all us noobs don't die in the ruins (and hearing Paul telling someone else about it when I wasn't there), then being sad it wasn't a gargoyle to shatter for Ox, and then reporting back about surviving our "**** show". Also, when Balaad during pre-adventure prep asked if Mari foresaw the outcome of our task.

Scary Inquisitor lady. I wasn't interrogated, but damn that was fun to watch. Also, "Coda, Griffin-rider" will never not be funny.

Bee lining for Sprout and Aaleeha because this fresh outta the Forest Elf has to make sure the Dryads are ok. Constantly. Pretty much every conversation (IG and OOG) and hanging with Sprout, Aaleeha, Coda and Kaizam (ah! spelling? I don't know how to spell everyone's character names).

Watching people not know what to do with Mari's rambling sentences, trouble with time, or seeming innocence. I had so many fun micro-moments of interaction and RP with so many people, it's too much to put down on this list. Not having a filter was quite fun.

Learning the hard way that Ogres shouldn't eat fruit, especially while sitting next to you. Always double-check the contents of your cookies before you share.

Seeing an unexpected Anastasia, and watching her tavern character interact with Jan, trying to break each other.

Excited to see where all this craziness goes, and see everyone next month :)


C/p from Facebook since I know some folks don't do that thing.
HI, Y'ALL. My name is Kris and I am a small lady who plays an equally small spider-man named Tibialis.

-Matters of national security.
-Drunkenly reminding everyone Tibialis is a DUDE. A DUDE. DID YOU KNOW HE IS A MAN? HEY, YOU. HE'S A DUUUDE.
-Some very good discussions with Lord Magnate Ryatt in which I felt very much like I was finally playing the pastiche of Kenshin I always wanted to play. Thank you for letting me be a port in a storm, Henry! :)
-I just really love Grayson, y'all. What a good dude. I am loving watching this born and raised Imperial citizen parsing through political turmoil and still fighting for the country he believes it can be. I think that makes him the Marius to my Jean Valjean? I'm not sure. Thanks for playing with me, Eric!
-That time Tibbs and Ox pretty much had a lovers' spat in the middle of the final wave battle. Probably not our finest moment. Whoops. Subsequent excellent RP post-battle, though! Lexx is a champ, wasp attacks and all.
-Guarding the stream. A very important tactical mission.
-BUMBLE NEST!!!!!!!!!!!
-Eating ghost pepper candy only to have to sit down with Governor General Stratos thirty seconds later. Trying not to drool.
-Every time we fail to talk kin down from violence. Tibbs is getting pretty disheartened, but Kris lives for that stuff.
-Can we discuss that Sasha is literally the master of the drive-by poignant statement. Every time it happens I just think HECK DUSTIN IS SO GOOD AT THIS.
-Britney's inquisitor was p e r f e c t. Just the right flavor of "soft spoken but can annihilate you with a snap of their fingers". I've never been called out for being calm before???
-Magdalen is the queen of the hat-drop costume change. I know that life, and I know how much it suuucks. Kudos for sticking with it!



Copypasta from Facebook!
HI STORMBREAK Lexx here, aka Oxalis of Wyndael, Warlord of House Heinlein (ulp!), soft old boarkin guy, lover of flowers and tea and master of crying a lot. Had a really excellent weekend, despite the heat and being fog-brained with a sinus infection! Highlights in no particular order:

-GUARDING THE STREAM. All House Heinlein business is to be conducted from the stream. It was so nice to sit in, I'm glad I didn't wear pants on Saturday.
-Magdalen crushing my heart and sobbing with me in a private talk with Loray. Ow. My feelings. MY FEELINGS.
-Britney's inquisitor blew me away, such a perfect combination of cool, collected and deadly. Ox wasn't happy with how long he got grilled for, but I sure was pleased to be in her presence for as long as possible.
-TEA PARTY omg Dustin you are just a treasure in all ways, thank you for the beautiful tea flower surprise and for giving Ox a lot of confusing feelings. Also silently appearing Sunday afternoon with snacks just when needed.
-Meditation before battle with Roark. Kyle your track record for making me cry is so solid, and thank you so much for making sure people were safe and not overheating. You are so good.
-Sooooo many good new folks! I forget a lot of names, but everybody I interacted with made me feel real good. Mari and Fun Gus/Sprout and DoomDoom and Peter's knight (I am so bad with names y'all) aaaa
-Day of the Falling, if I am not butchering that name! I put the chicken on the chicken and it was so good. I love the Blacktusk boys so much. You are all beautiful emerald gems.
-GRAYSON IS THE BEST. Not just for always having amazing snacks and knowing all the things and keeping everything together. But a lot of that.
-Actually getting along with General Stratos?? This is weird. Hoyce is just too good.
-Every time I saw Henry as Magnate Ryatt in my flower crown I was so happy. And tearful pledges behind closed doors wrenched my heart. We better rescue that guy so we can go **** up some slavers together.
-A bushel of boys. A dram of boys. A sheaf of boys.
-Crazy intense Sunday rp with Kris. From snarling, squabbling, sulking and then finally sobbing in the sun on the hillside. Everything I have wanted from Gay Charlotte's Web, really. You are amazing, and I am so glad you dragged me on this adventure.


Hoyce’s Favs (incomplete and in no particular order)

-Our NPC’s. Holy crap did you guys have a tough one, and there was nary a complaint and as much enthusiasm as ever. Thank you so, so, so much guys and gals. There is absolutely no way Henry, Mags and I would have been able to pull this off without you.

-The above also applies to the PC’s who hopped fence for us. Thank you so much. It’s always a double-edged sword having so many PC’s vs. NPCs. It means that people are digging your story, but without many NPC’s it makes that story so much harder to tell! Thank you guys and gals!

-Finally seeing a certain prisoner go on stage.

-Giving a certain Orc (Zort?) a death glare on Friday night when he inadvertently (?) clapped at hearing that the Emperor hadn’t resurrected yet. I hope it was as withering as I was intending for it to be.

-Watching poor Oxalis twice have to suffer the accusations of not being “a real Kin” because he wasn’t opposing the Empire to their satisfaction.

-Secrets! I wasn’t IG, but watching the reaction of a certain circle of characters to some pretty earth-shattering revelations was just delightful. Seriously, I was sitting there OOG giving the plot info and *I* was tearing up at the reactions!

-Accidently destroying Will Kinkaid’s dwarf as the Governor-General because he was charmed, but then I missed him being charmed back because I was tired and I’m dumb.

-Some brief discussion about the new Regent as the Governor-General and giving a little insight onto the reasons why he serves in the military. I’m pretty sure everyone is still firmly on the “he’s a ****” side of things though, lol.

-Brittany as High Inquisitor Carlow. Man did she look the part, and while I didn’t get to see her in action I heard a LOT of stories about her interrogations and it sounds like she nailed a rather difficult part.

There’s probably a ton more that I just can’t think of right now. Thanks for coming out and experiencing Stormbreak with us guys and gals!

PS: Hoyce’s unfavorites:

-6000% humidity followed by driving rain making outdoor encounters nigh impossible.

-Getting sick on Sunday and yarling on the side of the road on the way home as a result.

-Seeing that Scott hurt his back. Been there dude, deepest sympathies!