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    Calan cautiously enters the tavern; while the layout was no trouble to get around it anymore, he couldn't help but feel uneasy as he entered. Usually, the bar was a relatively harmless place to spend his time but as of last night there where paranoid pirates who he was told started attacking others, and an undead wandered past him. Calan took a moment to ponder how peculiar it was that an undead had been in the tavern at all let alone in the city but shook his head and made his way to a table in the back; at least this way he would have a chance at hearing trouble come and would be positioned in a way that would limit where he could be attacked from. Calan carefully searched through his coin feeling the emblems and ridges on them to find a pair of silver coins. He really ought to come up with a better system for sorting his money he thought to himself as he fished out two silver. He sat listening for a server to come by so he could ask them to keep an eye out for those he wished to speak with. In all the commotion the night before he had not gotten the opportunity to finish a couple of conversations that would be necessary before making preparations for the month.
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    Sitting in his usual chair by the fireplace Jinn watches Calan slowly make his way into the tavern, chuckling to himself.

    "This is why you don't stick your face into unknown masks..." he says to no one in particular. Letting out a sigh he sinks back into the chair, starting to doze off again when the tavern maid comes over and relays the message.

    "Meetings meeting always meetings, thank you for letting me know." He replys to the waitress. Slowly getting to his feet he lifts his mug to his mouth, draining the last of his warm drink. Jinn blinks his eyes a few times, shaking off that trailing bit of sleep that tried to cling to him as he walks over towards Calan and takes a seat slowly as to not startle his blind friend.

    "Rumor has it you were looking for me, what can I do ya for??"
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    Calan turns his head to face where he had heard Jinns voice.

    " as a matter of fact, I'm looking for you and Evo." Calan took a moment to adjust one of the straps to his mask.

    " I was looking for you because you had mentioned you needed to talk to me the other night but then drunken pirates happened and I lost track of you before following up; I also need to find Evo because I have come to know the proper spelling of something and it ought to help whoever is tasked with research that particular item."

    Calan turns his head toward the door area having sworn he heard something but determined that it wasn't real and attempted to face his friend once more. He was never sure where to look for sure anymore and often worried about offending those he was speaking with.
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    "The other night I was going to speak with you about the sanctum and how the learning of magics work, but I was there when Evo was explaining it all. As for needing Evo, I can also help with that"

    Jinn pulls a small vial of sand out of his bag and whispers a few words into it." There We go, we should see Magi Evo shortly.
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    "Ah okay, I just find my self relaying information to Magi Evo rather often and the latest incarnation of my abilities seems to lean towards the use of magic so I had wondered how one went about joining the sanctum. " he paused a moment while he considered how to properly articulate the next bit without sounding like he was out of his mind. "I... I have been feeling this tug ever since the night I lost my sight. I know that this path is important." Calan gave out a little chuckle " and if that wasn't enough every time I run into a selunari they seem to have something to say about my future or path."

    Calan's white eyes shifted back and forth as though he was reading something. looking slightly to his left toward the table he tried to create a picture in his mind of what Jinn had just done; whatever it had been made a very little sound.

    " what exactly did you just do?" at times blindness did not bother him but this was not one of those times.
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    "HA! The sleunari always have something to say about the future and the stars and what path we should all be on... and I am always one to listen. Take their words to heart, but with a grain of salt. As for what I did, I just used a wedding gift to send Evo a message, he should be along shortly, if he isn't busy in a meeting..."
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    "Interesting, that my friend is a very handy trick. on a side note, Talon has offered to stand between me and things that intend to cause me harm while we adventure." he drums his fingers on the table. " If Mal doesn't mind continuing to help me see about new places missions may not be completely as undoable as I have feared. Of course, as you know, I don't want to be a burden on anyone. what are your thoughts." Calan leaned back in a relaxing his posture.
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    Jinn ponders for a moment, leaning back in his chair.

    "I think you'll find many people around here willing to help you out. We have an ok group that seeks to hang around, so you should be more than ok. Plus even blind I find you more useful than some of the people I've met around this city. Once we figure out what the cure to this blindness is you will get all fixed up. But until hen I think Evo may have some things to talk to you about."
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    At long last, a familiar cloak appears at the door. Evo scans the room, and immediately approaches the table with Calan and Jinn.

    "We really must find a tavern nearer the Sanctum towers," he grumbles, but his voice and demeanour remain kind. "There must be something important on your mind, Calan."
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    Calan leans in forward at the sound of Evo's voice.

    " Ah, I'm sorry Evo; if I had given it some thought I should have just made my way to the sanctum to relay this information." Calans tone shifted to a more positive note.

    "But yes there are a couple of things on my mind. First, I had mentioned to you something potentially important the other day but was not certain of the spelling, I have since come to narrow that spelling down to one of two possible spellings. Second, I am wondering if you know of someone who might accompany me to the libraries for reasearch over the weeks to come? You had mentioned that if there was anything the sanctum could do to let you know, a pair of friendly eyes will be a great help. Obviously it would have to be someone we can completely trust."

    Calan rested both of his elbows on the table and clasped his fingers together.

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    Jinn nods as the Magus approached the table, standing at the suggestion at retreating to another tavern, closer to the Arcane Sanctum.

    "Sorry if I tore you away from something important Magus, but Calan had some questions. But as the Magus has suggested Calan, I also suggest we move our conversation closer to the Sanctum Towers as well. The libraries there can offer much information and we may talk while we walk."
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    Calan noded in agreement

    "After you good sirs."

    Calan stands and awaits the sound of jinn and Evo to follow them.

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    The group departs in the direction of the Sanctum.
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