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Discussion in 'Fortannis' started by Cipher, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Cipher

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    I'm currently looking for any lore on nature of Fortannis, traveling trough the mists and permutability of world potentially found in such travels. If anybody knows of similar previous undertakings and can point me to a library, record or at least a loremaster - it'll be much appreciated. Both canon and loose speculations are welcome at this point.
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    Your question is excessively vague. What qualities of mist-walking and differences between the lands are you investigating? You may find the only way to answer such broad parameters is to walk the mists yourself.

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  3. Cipher

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    The question is vague out of necessity. I've been forcibly brought through the mists on one occasion. The experience opened a floodgate of questions and I'm afraid answering the most basic of them will lead on a whole journey of inquiry, which few mortals are patient enough to join me for, hence my interest in the written word if possible.

    [I just realized that the forum is in game. Is there an out of game forum, where it would be more appropriate? Is there a moderator capable of moving the thread accordingly?]
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