seeking refuge


My name is Melvynoxus Fungiflora Resdonkorg or just Melvyn for the sake of brevity, I will hopefully be in landfall in a weeks time or so and am seeking a place to stay that Is preferrably free of celestial magic. Also, I have heard that there is another spore who has in the past frequented the area. Any information or accomadation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Greetings Melvyn,
My name is Orin Sylvanus, I am a friend of the Spore you spoke of, though I have not seen him in a great while. After speaking with the Gypsies, who I normally stay with, I wanted to offer you a place to say. We do have room for one more, however, it is also home to the town's Celestial circle and is usually warded. Space does seem to be limited in town, so if you would like to join us despite the Celestial magic you would be welcome.
Either way, I look forward to making your acquaintance. It is always nice to meet another Dryad.
Orin Sylvanus


Thank you much Orin, I will take you up on your offer. Since it looks like lodging is in a premium. Look forward to meeting you.


Pardon me...

I am Zeth of the Legion of the Sun.

Do you refer to Poxicilus Fungiflora? If so, he is one of us, and I look forward to meeting you.


That name feels right, I will seek you and the legion out upon my arrival. Thank you much Mr.Zeth.



If the gypsies find that they need room for more of their brothers and sisters to sleep, I can always move out and find other arrangements. I do after all have a very sturdy constitution and have no problem sleeping outside when needed.


OOG: I'm planning on bringing my tent and stuff since there's a lot of people in need of beds.