Seeking the Second Carnadrin

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Mainlander friends of Atupal,

We had been braced for war when strangers set foot on the Isle of Terramera a month ago, but I think I can speak for us both when I say that it was a relief that it did not come to a true confrontation. You proved yourself good, resilient people, and over the past days, I have been talking further with your man, Ignathis, and he has told me more of the great things you have done and are doing for this land. We Ho’Nu’A are further honored to join such valiant warriors in the efforts against the vile Ris’sunus!

If we are to have any hope of breaking the bond of Ris’sunus a second time and avenging the deaths of the fallen Watchers of the Sea, we will need the might of all three of their Carnadrin. We Ho’Nu’A, stewards of Terramera the Bastion’s Carnadrin, are ready to wield it alongside you when the time to face Ris’sunus comes! The other two, though, are still beyond our grasp.

But, our scouts have scoured the sea, seeking the signs of the other Carnadrins, and we think we have a lead on one.

We have discovered a group of warrior sailors called the Langoso that once served under Holarix, the Second Watcher of the Sea. Holarix himself may have been defeated by Ris’sunus, but we have confirmed that the Langoso still live to this day. If the Langoso are anywhere as closely connected to their Watcher as we Ho’Nu’A are to ours, they almost certainly can point us in the right direction towards the location of Holarix’s Carnadrin.

We fortunately have located a cove along the coast of the mainland where these Langoso occasionally make port, and I can send a guide in a few days’ time to lead a group there to speak with them. In the meantime, we will continue to search for information regarding the Third Watcher’s Carnadrin, but we have not managed to uncover anything thus far.

I hope both the land and sea shall soon be safe from the menace of Ris’sunus, and the Langoso will help us get there.

- To’To of the Ho’Nu’A