Seeking to Arrange an Audience

The Courts of the Realm of Faerie seek to redress a debt long unpaid to Lycergis, who sits now as Monarch of the Realm of Dragonreach. In recognition of obligations unfulfilled, the Monarchs of Faerie propose that Agents of the four Realms gather upon Neutral Territory in twenty and six days to Negotiate.

Out of courtesy and understanding of the laws of the Realm of Dragonreach, this missive is delivered unto the Heroes of the Realm of Dragonreach with the knowledge that among them are those with the authority to speak as the Monarch of Dragonreach's Agent in such Negotiations.

By the Will of Three


South Michigan Staff

Whom has the crown appointed as the lead in these negotiations? I would like to offer my services in this endeavor to said ambassador.

I am... most disappointed. It has been some time since I was able to come to visit you all, but I truly expected that more than one of you would be intrigued by the opportunity that the Courts have placed before you. So many of you were willing to speak and bargain with me in the past, I would have thought the opportunity to collect on an unpaid bargain would bring you clamoring.

Oh well...

For those representing the Monarch of Dragonreach, it falls to me (as the one most recently traveled among you Mortals) to recommend a meeting location. There is Neutral Ground, a tavern with some sleeping
accommodations, run by a woman named Irene, north from Koroshi, where two rivers fork as they come south through the hills. Irene is the closest thing to a Games Master I've met since last I bested Ifoalius on Tyrra, her lodge is a puzzle and she is happy to award prizes to those who can outsmart her. We can negotiate this matter while others solve riddles, best Irene's magic and physical challenges, and all of us shall be richer for the efforts. Who knows, you might even come away better off that you expect.

Your humble
Agent of the Erlking - On behalf of the Three

P.S. I will pay for actionable information on the location of the most terrible bard in the lands.



I'm glad to see he's still finding ways to amuse himself. We used to get in a lot of trouble way back when.

Did you know he was the one who first invented Vorpal Poisons? He shared the recipe with me.

Anyways, I don't represent Dragonreach but, I will happily accept them being indebted to me for helping with this negotiation. So, I will manifest to assist in negotiation of payment of the debt.

Most Neutral Ground meetings I've been to have a list of expectations for guests, would you kindly provide a list?
Additionally, I'm sure some of the folks here could probably use a primer on rules of hospitality if that isn't covered in the neutral ground rules. I'm sure no one wishes to dirty their name, or Dragonreach's.

Additionally, would you kindly provide us with details of the debt owed?

I will happily provide answers to 3 questions of yours about other adventurers I know here, so we can start off on the right foot.

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Dear Mr. Agent,

Thank you for your benevolent patience with us. I’m Squire Blue and look forward to meeting you for discussions that shall no doubt leave both of our Courts happy.

Squire Blue of Dragonreach
XXI- My apologies for not answering your questions. I, Fuzzbottom, am Agent for the Wyld Court and Lycergis' Agent is also clear.

Squire Blue - If you seek to make both our Courts happy, I truly look forward to meeting with you. On behalf of the Three I welcome the Agent of Lycergis.

Vert- Well spoken and Accepted.

Irene's Lodge is accorded Neutral Ground and while it carries an older writ, all Three honor its truce. Irene imposes no cost to any who wish to visit her. I suspect she gains power from the games played within her walls. By entering the Lodge and accepting its protection, those inside agree to keep the peace and act in concert to deal with any being that would violate the peace. The Accords punish such breaches with Death, so I warn any who think to cause ill to another within the walls to tread carefully.
Any who would seek to break the peace of Neutral Ground stand against the Courts and will also face their Justice.

The Lodge belongs to Irene and any Host right is hers. My experience is that she allows the Neutral Ground protect those within her walls. However were one to be served food or drink by her within her private quarters I expect that Hospitality would be imposed, in which case the Guests safety would be ensured to the greatest extent of Irene's power and it would be in extremely poor form for a Guest to harm or steal from Irene or her home.

In the time when Bleak first rose, when the Mortals in Kundirk began to unite in defense of the lands, Lycergis bargained for the Court of Summer and the Court of Winter to aid in the defense. The foul lizard, having learned of their pact, bent his magic toward the mountain and spread a rime across the lands which was baleful to Lycergis' new allies, driving them back to their home Realm. Following the imprisonment, Lycergis was not to be found by representatives of the Courts and thus for long was their obligation held in abeyance. Thankfully, there are those now among the Courts who pay mind to Mortal actions and therefore it is now possible for the Courts to bring this matter to a close.

Done. I will collect my answers when we meet in person. I look forward to meeting such a bold individual.

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Agent Fuzzbottom & The Three,

It pleases me greatly to see the courts honor their deal.
With Bleak gone, Dragonreach sets its sights to other challenges.
During the original conflict we believed many of our allies to be destroyed but, after hard work by the Celestine, with the assistance of the adventurers. This belief proved wrong. Instead some of our allies float in the mist, detached from us. However, it is imperative we go to them, render them assistance and see if we can bring them back into the fold once more.

I must once again ask that the adventurers see this task through.

With control of the Nexus established, we can move to these kingdoms, however, I would not send the adventurers into unknown territory.
Much time has past since the assumed destruction of our old allies. I do not know the state of them, their lands could be filled with danger.

So with that, I ask that The Three allow the adventurers to bargain for ability to move Valbrough, using the Nexus, to and from these various kingdoms, as well as connecting those shards of mist to the dreams here, so that the adventurers have their fortifications with them, the ability to learn more about these areas, and territory they are familiar with.

With any luck, the adventurers can make contact with our allies, and can begin to reestablish a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship.

By my hand,
King of Dragonreach
The negotiation shall be bound as the Obligee requests

That said, it'll be fun to see all you adventurers and I'm sure the representatives of the other Courts will agree. Irene's home is always an interesting place to visit. It's been a number of years since I've been there, but in addition to generally serving a good meal the prizes she gives out tend to be top notch.

Oh! For anyone concerned they'll be left out because they don't like puzzles, Irene has a unique golem she used to challenge people's physical prowess.

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South Michigan Staff
I will be in attendance to assist.

For any other adventurers planning to be there to lend assistance please allow me to clarify something very important. I have had several dealings with different Faerie courts and I feel many, if not all, adventurers critically need this information.

Accorded Neutral Territory is a designated area where no violence shall occur without the consent of the host. No conflict between sworn enemies can take place, and it is backed by the force of faerie Law. When I say "force" I mean almost a force of nature in some cases. In times past I have seen violators destroyed in a trial held later on or simply stuck dead where they stood by an unseen force of law.

The Law of Hospitality: If our host bids you be welcome in their home you are under the law of hospitality until such time that you leave. When a host makes you welcome under hospitality they are committing to the safeguarding of your well being, and to see to your needs as they see fit. As a guest you are bound to offer no harm to your host or anyone else they have offered their hospitality too, nor may you take any action untoward the host or their guests. You are obligated to protect and assist the household and it's guests for as long as you remain.

These laws are no joke and no one will be able to help you if you violate them without condemning themselves as well. Do not leave any action you take open to interpretation as hostile.

That said they are just as much there to protect you as anyone else.

Be wise in this,
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Agent of Lycergis and adventurers of Dragonreach-

I went to Irene's Lodge last night to let her know that a bunch of people would be coming out to her lodge in the dead of winter and make sure that she would have enough food for all of you. As I approached the building, the only light shining from inside was the glow from magical circles. I did not enter, but something is definitely amiss. There were noises from inside but when I called out for Irene there was no response.

The representatives of the Courts have agreed that it is too late to change the location of the meeting, but I suspect that there is more than Irene's games to be discovered.



XXI, or anyone else who knows - this Irene's tavern. North of ... Koroshi? Are we traveling within Kundirk, to some further misted part of Fortannis, or off our world entirely?

And, as you've had dealings with them ... are ... THEY ... of our world, by your reckoning?

Rodarr, Kilding's Son
Rodar, Son of Kilding-

I'm someone who knows things and will give you this information in exchange for what your message has given me.

1. Irene would want me to tell you she has a Lodge, not just a tavern. There are bedrooms and sometimes people stay there (that is a freebie).
2. Koroshi is within the Kingdom of Dragonreach on the continent of Kundirk, Irene's Lodge is north of the established border of Koroshi, but I cannot say for certain if Dragonreach claims the land near the Lodge.
3. I presume I'm one of the THEY to which you refer. I suppose the answer there depends on what you consider "your world". I am originally from Tyrra, another Prime Plane similar to Fortanis. The Courts are located within the Realm of Faerie, which is kind of part of the Prime Plane. It is certainly not part of any of the Elemental Planes, but the rules there are a bit squishier than you likely accept as normal. If there is time perhaps we can speak on the subject.



South Michigan Staff

I do not know Master Fuzzbottom by name or reputation. I too am a refugee of the world of Tyrra, and I can confirm he is forthright with his information and, to best of my personal education, what he says is correct. As his communications have been plainspoken and candid I see no reason not to accept his words as honorable and his theory as working truth; that the denizens of Farie are, at least, partially of the prime plane.

For what I believe you may be asking after this is not a matter so pointedly obvious as it might be when dealing with elementals or truly other-dimensional beings. My understandings of your culture are simple at best but I implore you to operate with an open mind in this matter. It has been made clear of late that both kingdoms need these deals to be seen to completion.

I infer no suggestion of your behavior nor offer insult to your personal views. I offer only what wisdom I have in this measure and a gift of potential peace between two powerful factions we stand between.

To All Representatives of both the Fae and Dragonreach courts and the Adventures Of Dragonreach.
I am Avacyn Aligria , Lady and Magistrate of Valbrough and Guild Mistress of the Healing House. Sadly with the weather and my duties to the people of Valbrough I will be unable to attend the upcoming meeting. I ask for a consideration to be made in regards to the magical relocations of Valbrough for the various meetings of the upcoming diplomatic endeavors - that consideration to be for the people of the land of Valbrough. Those who do not posses an aventuring spirit and work the lands and the tasks to keep the kingdom strong. They are not equipped nor desiring to be removed from their lands and their families and their lives- so I ask they be protected when the adventures and Valbrough travel to strengthen our beloved Kingdom.

While I do not know how this can happen and I will not be there to personally negotiate and facilitate their protection - I do trust the nobles who will be among the adventures and can speak for the Kingdom and for my people of Valbrough. And as always I trust the adventures to always do what is best for the Kingdom and the people.

Besides my support from the land directly, I offer myself as a link to the people ofValbrough- my spirit is for the people of my lands and with that I offer it as any sort of connection and bridge to protect the citizens in my care. I will keep watch in my healing house and among my people. Please - adventures - Squire Blue, Lord Lucas , and Sir Mathis - negotiate as best you can to keep the citizens protected with the Nexus and you all may speak on my behalf and my spirit stands ready to protect the people. Thank you and I again I apologize my duties keep me from this meeting.

Yours in Service,
Avacyn Aligria
Lady and Magistrate of Valbrough
Guild Mistress of the Healing House
The powers of the Courts of Faerie are not limited in the ways that Mortals manipulate magic. When bargaining with the Courts, a spirit, a memory, or even a sense may be a valuable offer, but one that should not be put forward lightly.

Consider that Mortals die all the time from sickness, age, and random happenstance. Offering the strength of a spirit to protect others is brave but does it make sense to weaken one spirit in exchange for warding off the normal turning of the wheel of fate? Think of the old man, aged and tired, who wishes to rest after a long and happy life; would fraying another spirit to its breaking point do much more than prolong his life for minutes more? As you adventurers encounter other representatives of the Courts of Faerie you would be wise to remember this lesson.

Goodman Fuzzbottom,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I infact have little dealing with Fae courts- my advisor Sam Gemclipper and my son Taios are much more skilled in such things. I do tend to speak from my heart without always considering all aspects.

in this case I was referring to protecting the people of my land from the possible repercussions and hardships from the movement of Valbrough to other possible locations/ planes / dimensions - things I honestly do not fully understand. I believe in the natural ebb and flow and ending of life - but as their Lady, their noble, it is my job and my joy to protect them from outside forces and stresses as much as I possibly can. If there is a chance this needed and beneficial to the Kingdom action of movement of His Majesty’s lands and people will harm the people He has put in my care- then it is my duty to intercede on their behalf.

I do not know exactly what that means in this case and I am very sorry to not be present to directly find out but I trust the Nobles and the adventures who will be there - and I stand by my service to the people I am trusted to care for.

I hope my spirit and the spirits of all in Valbrough remain strong in service and care to the Kingdom of Dragonreach.

I look forward to learning more !

Yours in Service ,