Seeking Work

Letter- Adlao on Behalf of Yumo for Work 10.13.21.jpg

"Greetings and Good Health to all and any who happen upon these words,

My name is Adlao, a Housemother from an orphanage in the village of Rosemont Grove near Wayside and a member of the Phoenix Flight Guild. I am seeking work on behalf of my dear friend Yumo, a daring adventurer. He is a hard worker, and is very resourceful and strong; he offers his labor to work fields for farmers, or eradicate pests that threaten crops and safety. He hopes to earn wages in order to procure food stuffs for his tribe to last the coming winter, and will accept grain as currency at fair market value.

If you have any suitable jobs for him, please let me know, and I will relay the details to him. If the work requires many hands, I will also be able to help in this regard, provided that all employed will be compensated fairly as well for their diligence.

May Light and Earth be kind to you in your endeavors!

With sincere gratitude,
Madrina Adlao, HM"


Chicago Staff

I don't necessarily have work, but maybe he can help build the outhouses for the orphanage so that all the kids can poop again. When you told me they had no place to do their business it was the 4th saddest thing I've ever heard. Has it already been built? Do you need even more money? Children just need a safe place to do their business. Let me know if you need more gold for that!

My dear Maiev,

This is an excellent idea! I have not yet given thought to how I may apply the generosity you gifted to us. This is certainly one project in which his skills would be most helpful. There is a carpenter’s daughter who survived the undead attacks on her village, and before her father was taken from her, she learned much of her father’s trade- enough I think, that she knows how to build edifices such as these. I am working on sourcing lumber for the village in general, but Yumo I think will be of great aid to her.

If you hear of any others who have similar tasks, please let me know!

Light and Earth illumine you.

Nate/Nyio Sorn

Wisconsin Staff
Madrina Adlao,

My name is Nyio Sorn. Let us talk at the market coming up as I may have some work for your friend and you as well. You can't miss me as I am the Dwarf with all the armor and Lion Heads on it. We shall talk over some drinks and discuss business if that is alright with you? I look forward to our talk and the Ale that comes with it.

Go With Pride
-Sir Nyio Sorn
-Aspiring Thane to King O'Dell
Greetings Sir Nyio Sorn,

I am grateful for your response! Surely I and my compatriot will seek you out next market. I hope that our service will be sufficient and merit good compensation. I myself unfortunately can not partake of the fermented fruits of the earth due to my ritual vows (save for on special holidays), but I will certainly share drink and break bread with you as we discuss!

May Light illumine you, and Earth open The Way.

With gratitude,
Madrina Adlao, HM

While we are burdening Nyio with support and workers. Can you make sure that Bruenor comes along as well. It would benefit him to meet other Master Blacksmiths and learn of the history we've uncovered this season. Thank you.


P.S. Well met Nyio.