Sellin' Off My Remainin' Ritual Stuff!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hi there! I’m Silp!

So, I don’t really do much adventurin’ anymore, so it’s been a while since I’ve actually been around and met all the new people and places and things and such, and if I’m honest, the odds of me bein’ around and meetin’ all the new people and places and things and such are pretty low these days! Not sayin’ it’s impossible and I’m all done adventurin’ forever, but it might be a bit before you see me again!

But, if I’m not gonna be adventurin’, I might as well sell off all of the ritual stuff I’ve got left so that it actually gets used by people that need it rather than just sittin’ and gatherin’ dust in my box!

I don’t have any magic items, ‘cept for my stick, which I think I’m gonna still hold onto in case I ever need to come out and fight, so sorry if you're lookin' for magic items, but I’ve got a couple of ritual scrolls and ritual stuff that go with 'em!

I’ve got a special combo of stuff: A Regeneration scroll, its Catalyst, and a Preserve Duration scroll to go with it! oooooooOOOOOOOoooooo! Make yourself practically immortal for the next long while! You technically don’t need to buy my Preserve with the Regen set, but I mean, you better have a Permanency on hand if you decide to ignore the Preserve!

I’ve also got an Obfuscate Catalyst! oooooOOOOooooo! Halfway to castin’ an Obfuscate!

I've also got a Copy Formal Scroll scroll! It does what it sounds like! If you wanna copy a scroll that needs a catalyst, though, you'll need to find the catalyst for this ritual first!

I’ve also got another Preserve Duration scroll! Make your new magic item last a good long while!

I’ve also got an Audible Projection scroll! Make things screeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaam!

I’ve also got a Spirit Walk scroll! Go near, go far, go wherever!

I’ve also got a Sacrifice scroll! Kill yourself, save a buddy!

I've also got a Construct scroll! Make a buddy!

I’ve also got 20 ritual components of various kinds tied closely to these local lands (LCO)! Great for spellcraftin’ or castin’ stuff that won’t travel anyway, like Visions and such!

I'll cross things off as they get sold!

If you’re interested in buyin' or tradin' for any of these, send me a message with an offer! Don’t ask me “what do you want for the whatever” - send me a message with an offer! If we come to a deal, I can send a courier to deliver my stuff at the upcomin’ gatherin’ in Atupal!

~ Silp
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