Selling a suit of scalemail

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Cedric, May 20, 2016.

  1. Cedric

    Cedric Rogue Marshal

    I'm selling a suit of scalemail with matching gambeson. I'm also throwing in some extra scales and rings to aid in resizing. The scales are large anodized alumnium (champagne color) from theringlord. The rings are 16g stainless steel butted rings.

    The gambeson is padded with cotton quilting.

    Total cost I'm looking for is $600 and I'll cover shipping. If interested please PM or e-mail mpaxton88 at gmail dot com.

    Link to photos of the suit can be found here -
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  2. Traceroo

    Traceroo Rogue

    This suit is gorgeous in person; it's a real signature piece!

  3. Dûrion_Silme

    Dûrion_Silme Artisan Charlottesville Staff

    Three questions for you.
    1. Are you willing to take payments?
    2. What size person does this fit? And with the resizing, how large could it fit?
    3. What armor value does this have? 2pt or 3pt?

    Thanks! :)
  4. lukas

    lukas Newbie

    because it's aluminum, it would be 2 points
  5. Eadar

    Eadar Artisan

    Better to ask your local Marshal. The rings are 16ga steel, coverage wise between that and the scale mail, it may count as 3 per location. So its definitely a marshal call, not a straightforward answer.

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