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Discussion in 'In Game' started by Darkcrescent, May 21, 2018.

  1. Darkcrescent

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    After the creation of Lavabug, I thought we needed another weapon, and one of both Earthen and Celestial magic combined. However, as I have yet to find my guild traveling to this era, I feel even with such an item was created, it would be no more than a mantelpiece, unused, and merely looked at.

    Therefore, to those that are actively looking to create magical items in nature, I have the below Ritual Magic Scrolls for sale. Now you can create the next Lavabug, Oakheart, Sunderer, Urrrtth Blade or any other grand item. These scrolls can all be used to create mist traveling items, unless otherwise noted.

    Send message if interest in any of the below. I'll be taking offers until the next Wildlands gathering, though while I won't be in attendance, I will be later that fall if Ritual Casting services are needed:

    - Damage Aura
    - Copy Formal Scroll + Skull of a Shadow Mage Catalyst
    - Permanent Duration Scroll + Shavings of a Unicorns Horn Catalyst
    - Summon Catalyst
    - Elemental Aura x2
    - Monster Slayer
    - Protection Aura
    - Render Indestructible Improved (Sold as a packed deal including True Empower casting)
    - Earth Aura
    - Channel—taken
    - Spell Parry—taken
    - Item Recall
    - Spell Store
    - Cloak
    - Racial Transformation
    - Regeneration
    - Conjoined Preserve Duration (allows non-traveling item to be created of both Celestial and Earthen magics)

    Components: 2g each. All varieties with more than 1 year of freshness left.

    It's been quite the collection, but I'm sure they will get good use.

    -Lord Asher Oakheart
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  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept

    Ah the Sunderer, dat was a good sword. Me miss dat sword so much me want another one but better. 12 gold far da Improved Render Indestructible.

  3. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Artisan

    Ohhhhh so much I want off this list of things. I just cant afford it until i offload the source of lycanthrope I believe.
  4. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Still looking to sell these and components in large qtys.

    Lord Asher Oakheart

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