September 2019 IG Flyer

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To those traveling to Heavenport-Shelterdoor the cities are in great distress as there are whole portions of the twin cities being quarantined by the blight. On the edges of street are disheveled barricades crawling with tendrils clawing at any nearby life and the very air as you approach burns your eyes and nose. There are blackened rotted papers that are staked to turned over carts and builds that goes as follows.


Good people of Heavenport-Shelterdoor the lands themselves are starting turning against us! With what we have called the Blight at our doorstep we warn all that dwell within the city to stay safe in the warmth of marked buildings. For stepping out into the quarantine areas have negative effects on the mortal coil that would even lead to death.

Report to the nearest tavern at your soonest convenience to be warned of the effects of this Blight, and be informed of evacuation paths for the coming gathering.”

OOG: There will be portions of sight that will be zoned off due to blight currotion or other circumstances. All PCs that are playing at this coming game must be at the tavern for lay on at 9:00PM for the opening ceremonies. PCs that are tenting can only set up their tents on the edge of the flagpole field (Please use the tenting alcoves along the edge of this field) where the tavern is located.
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