September 2019 Logistics Needs

Site opens at 4pm.
The gate will be closed. Open them and come in, and then close the gate behind you.
Logistics Building is one of the first on the left. Logistics will open at ~6:30pm Friday, depending on when Marcea and I can get away from work.
Saturday logistics will be for ~30min on Saturday at the start of dinner. Usually around 6:00.

All Players: If you have never been to this site, there is a site-specific waiver you must sign.
New Players: There is also a game waiver you must sign. You may print and sign it ahead of time ( or I will have blanks at check in.

Event fees - We had a significantly larger number of people than normal not pay by the deadline, and it has drawn the Eye of Sauron. Late fees were foretold, their wrath warned of, and now they have arrived. If you haven't talked to me about paying late there is a late fee now due (see prereg post). If I had noted a late fee for you and you believe this should not have occurred please email logistics and explain why.

Amber Feldman - $85 (event fee + late fee)
Cameron Bruce - $15 (event fee - credit)
Kevin Berg - $85 (event fee + late fee)
Ryan Mosher - $75 (event fee (no late fee, pmt was noted on prereg and i missed it))
Taylor Kaiman - $75 (event fee)
Victoria Segal - $15 (event fee - credit)

Dia Campbell - 6s
Jacob Baker - 7g 2s
Mike Schwarz - 4g 4s
Zander Woolley - 1g 8s

Gilbert Gallegos - Come talk to me about your event fee that was paid.

The following players have submitted a payment of some sort but have no character reg or meal plan payment. If you are planning to play, please register on the CMA. PCs who plan to partake in the meal plan must pay separately for that.
Chase Bronson
Dimas Hornbuckle
America Salas
Raven Cleveland
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I'll be bringing cash! I paid for food but for some reason didn't realize I hadn't paid for the event lol