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  1. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff


    1. Cassidy Cording
    2. William Duffy
    3. Dave Trapasso
    4. Craig Fiske
    5. Elissa Ward
    6. James Wright
    7. John Robertson +$10 food committee
    8. Frank Coyne
    9. Tonya Dawson
    10. Damon Brundige
    11. Joseph Siegel

    1. Kyle Spriggle
    2. Cole Angelo

    Phoenix (4 beds):
    Gryphon (4 beds):
    Dragon (4 beds):
    Pegasus (6 beds): Blythedale
    Gargoyle (8 beds):
    Wyvern (6 beds):

    Fire (4 beds): Elissa Ward
    Water (4 beds): Craig Fiske
    Earth (2 beds): James Wright
    Air (6 beds): Joseph Siegel
    Spirit (7 beds): Healer's Guild

    Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Also, please don't reserve one of the spots that has 6 or 8 beds if there are only 4 on your team -- get one of the smaller cabins instead.
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  2. Naga

    Naga Newbie

    Registered for September event. Then accidentally hit the donate button before putting a note in, I'd like to reserve Fire room for the September Ashbury event.

    Thank you!
  3. Talagon

    Talagon Newbie

    James Wright to PC and reserve earth room!
  4. ZeroDonavan

    ZeroDonavan Newbie Owner New Hampshire Staff


    My event membership, registration fee, and private room reservation for the Air room were meant to be for the October event. Thank you very much and have a great day.

    Dustin Springer
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  5. John

    John Artisan

    Payment in and 10 for Food.
  6. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

    Is this for the September 14 – 16: Ashbury event? The event calendar doesn't show an hq event for the month of September (could be because I'm checking on my phone)
  7. John

    John Artisan

    It was supposed to be the test run for the Steampunk rules but was canceled and replaced with an HQ event.
  8. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

    Thank you
  9. Talagon

    Talagon Newbie

    Nicole will also be coming to PC. Will pay at door.

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