September Event Review 2018

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**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
5. Please add a few things that you really liked about the 2.0 ruleset
6. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
Reviews for 2.0 get you 25 Goblin Stamps, so make sure you tag your review with your name.
1 The Cat Vs Sarr in the dark
2 Less oh this is useless in game more i wonder what kind of Rp interactions this may have
3 /\
5 Being able to soak up alot of damage and keep going
6 The touch cast enchantments are pretty useless if you are hit with a few specific effects and sometimes the speed of things.
4 "ok screw it just going to sit here and get this built (in my head)" Talon starts to work on the bridge ignoring the bats as much as he can a minut later he is finished with his part covered in bites. "xamot get your part done i will try and keep them off of you" (dont remember exactly what was said) as one of the bats relives itself onto xamots head.
1. Kitty jumping out a Jaxx was amazing. Playing board games with Percy and Colby's noble NPC (Forget what he was a noble of) was a lot of fun too.

2. During the homeguard mod where I was pulled under water (Fighting Nagas I think?) it felt as if the reason I was pulled under wasn't properly explained. (Was it my gear too heavy, current too strong, magic?) It was explained mechanically as I have to start to walk to the other side, but if I knew the reason for sinking I might've dropped something if that was possible and dealt with the situation differently.

This was also the first event I wasn't on the mealplan and the timing of being able to grab my food from the fridge to cook and eat it was awkward. I couldn't grab food from the kitchen because NPCs were there, and then I had to cook and eat things in the time it took players to just eat things before that meeting after dinner happened. But perhaps I just need to plan a little bit better and do things a little quicker.

3. Still more goblins or things around town. Even if it's just one NPC leading those around a campfire in some non combat activity while other NPCs are out doing stuff. Have things to sell or haggle over, accuse people of things, argue, try to get away with something illegal.

In that same vein more encounters that aren't based in combat. Perhaps have more creatures that can be reasoned with, rather than having to finish an encounter by killing everything in sight. Combat is lots of fun, but having to navigate a tricky social situation is a refreshing break.

4. It was dark, too dark. We had just swiped a dragon's egg from behind vines and were speedily and stealthily making a retreat from Balinox's realm, when we turn a corner and lit up right in front of us is the towering lord of beasts, antlers and all! "Run, other way, Balinox!" Is the messaged passed quickly between Elwynd and myself, then from me to whoever is closest and can hear with such hushed tones. Alas it was too late as a booming voice commanded all beasts to stop. Up ahead I can hear Jinn chattering away, making his attempts at appeasing this fey lord in as quick and polite tones as he can manage. "Begin the hunt!" Roars Balinox, with Jinn calling lounder behind, "Yes, hunt the exit please!" Unluckily for Balinox that was good enough for me.

5. Being able to select which element to cast evocation with is handy. It's wonderful not feeling like the spell you're using in a given situation is either going to be overpowered or underpowered.
Fear being line of sight is much easier to remember and much better for it.

Again, most of the things 2.0 changes are much better than 1.3 and sorely needed. I'm really not looking forward to going back to 1.3 after this playtest is over. As it is it's a much more enjoyable system that could use just a few tweaks before being "officially" released, but I'd still be happy with the developments if we decided tomorrow that this current ruleset was finalized.

I actually still like the differences between the two schools of magic and think that that still forces people from both schools to cooperate.

6. In addition to all of the things I brought up in the last review...
The incant for dispel shouldn't be "I protect you with a dispel", as it's so very rarely used defensively. "I dispel you from magics" might be a better incant, in line with the other spells that remove effects. Or even "With eldritch force I dispel magics". I successfully protected an enemy mage from his own protectives this weekend with dispel, and that felt weird. Although the humor of protecting a wizard locked cabin that you're about to steal from by using a dispel just about justifies its silliness.
I still wish there was a little bit more variety for spellcaster builds. It's still a "Build up your spell column just like everyone else until you get to 9s, and then either do formals or get a five column" class. Channeling helps but...
Channeling still seems too expensive. It's pretty much equal or a little less than the total output of spells of a similar level/XP in a traditional column for the same build, while removing the flexibility of having actual spell slots. If people are wanting to go for a more sorcerous and less wizardy build, then it would make sense to make channeling even 2XP per rank, so you can blast more, all day, every day, even if you can't cast the battle ending spells that traditional spellcasters eventually get.
Then of course all of the earth magic things I've touched on last review of course, as I still feel they've gotten the short end of the stick with 2.0 spellcasting.

Other note and maybe unpopular opinion: I was actually surprised that earth magic also gets an elemental shield, in addition to poison shield. I would think giving just earth the poison shield, and just celestial the elemental shield, would foster another situation to get friendly and perhaps exchange a protective for a protective.
If things were up to me, I'd put poison shield at level 6 and earth blade at level 4, then remove elemental shield from the earth magic spell list. Doing this promotes more specialization and forces more teamwork, while also making the enhanced blade and earth blade fill similar spots in the spellcasting tree, and the "secondary" shields also fill similar spots.

- Cody Clark
- IG: Silvas
Concerning the awkward Dispel incant: Cory has said a couple of times at the packet discussion meetings we had that the Owners are aware of how weird it sounds, but decided that the alternatives either muddy the waters of what Dispel does (to keep it in line with the other "removes stuff" spells, it would have to be "I Dispel you from Protectives/Enhancements", but it actually removes a lot of effects outside of that group, such as Stun Limb and Amnesia) or would add to an already swollen incant group (in the case of "With Eldricht Force I Dispel you"). Add the clunkiness of it to the Google Doc review, though; I only posted this so that everyone is aware that this was a discussion the Owners had, and that they decided that this was the best solution at the time. :)
1. Post your favorite moments
Seeing Phal again was really nice. The ghost fight testing out wither was fun; I really liked how the wither effect plays out.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
nothing stood out that I specifically disliked
3. What you would like to see more of
I'd like to see more traveling merchants come through from time to time, though it might be hard to make it fit given the current setting. Potion sellers or scrollmakers who come to peddle their wares for half an hour or so would be a bit more engaging instead of the usual Farmer Fred who sits by the fire. They'd make for slightly more memorable recurring townies than the army of farmers, too.
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
"I'm telling you, this is a horrible idea. You shouldn't go alone."

Pigeon stared down Cora 'The Hammer', who regarded him coldly. "I don't think I can trust you people, especially you Pigeon! You've been especially mean to me and suspicious of me!" She said. Pigeon couldn't deny that he'd exercised more than a healthy bit of standard adventurer paranoia in regards to her.

"Okay, yes, I've been a bit hostile, but haven't I always helped you in spite of that?" Pigeon asked, pressing the issue. "Every time. I might have been suspicious, but I've still gone and I've helped you every time, Cora. Please, you shouldn't do this."

It seemed, for one tense moment, that the dwarven woman might actually relent, but the moment passed and she steeled herself. "No, I'm going. If I'm careful, I'm sure I can sneak past them and just take the shards." She turned on her heel and strode off northward. Pigeon watched her go in silence, deliberating on whether he should say something, or just try one more time to stop her. But Cora was capable, likely even moreso than him, in a standup fight. But these were necromancers...

He paced for a few moments, weighing his options, before deciding that he could at least figure out where she was going. Even if she didn't trust him or his allies, they still had a vested interest in collecting the artifact fragments. And it was likely she'd get herself into trouble anyways, so he might as well be ready to bail her out. Pigeon took off at a light jog through the alleyways of the Lux until he caught sight of Cora again, then followed her seemingly-aimless wandering in the direction of the north ward. He trailed her from a distance for several minutes, until abruptly losing her around a corner, with no trace of where she'd disappeared.

Gritting his teeth, Pigeon stalked his way back to the commons, making a mental note to berate Cora for her recklessness the next time he saw her, unaware that he would never get the chance.

5. Please add a few things that you really liked about the 2.0 ruleset

I still think crit attacks and back attacks have amazing potential for enabling heroic moments. Some of the weapon abilities are really handy and downright amazing for utility, especially the weapon strike shun and the weapon fear. I'm also really happy that the scout is having its niche defined as a raw damage dealer, with their BP costs gently suggesting damage abilities over the utility strikes.
6. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
Wither as an effect is really strong without feeling oppressive, but I'm not a big fan about having to choose between the two types, and about how it stacks (or rather, doesn't). I feel like it could maybe be split up into two effects for defensively and offensively withering.

Sleep/Paralysis Blow costing 2 BP, being more powerful, and having lower requirements than Slow/Weakness Blow (which is 3 BP) still feels weird. The drawback of being melee only also stands out as a specific exception to the rest of the "from-behind or ranged" skills. I think with the new weapon skills that maybe a cheap successor to waylay isn't as necessary.

The costs on some of the other weapon abilities feel a bit off. I mentioned Sleep/Paralysis, but others seem higher or lower than they should be. Assassinate and Slay are "mirrored" between rogues and fighters, but assassinate for some reason only costs 1 BP while slays are 2 BP. I feel like a handful of other abilities, mostly the new weapon skills and changed skills like evade, could use a cost review to maintain parity between fighter and rogue skills.
1. Post your favorite moments
- taking out a big fight baddy like a chump
- Seeing derrick and cory go over his monster card to see if he had anything that would've saved him
- sharing a toast with a large group around the fire
- the story books (Mar now needs multiple side capes)

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
there wasn't anything I found overly angering this event that I can think of.

3. What you would like to see more of
in general I think we're starting to get a better balance of things going. This weekend I had enough combat to keep the stabby side of me happy but I also had a mod or two resolve without violence. One of which I was in charge of.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Mar paused as they enter the room immediately pinpointing the loud mouth necromancer as he gave his undead orders. without hesitating mar charged in as battle was joined he weaved through the fray and unleashed his new magic polearms effect slamming the weapon hard into the dammed necromancer. To mars surprise the enemy fell to the ground like a puppet who's strings had been cut all his undead around him crumbling with their master "huh expected him to be a little tougher"

5. Please add a few things that you really liked about the 2.0 ruleset
I enjoy that prepare to die is no longer a thing
weapon strikes are awesome
a lot of the streamlining for magic seems to be doing its job slightly out of place/confusing occasional incants aside

6. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
after playing a spell blade and looking over the playtest packet a few times I do feel like it and warrior need some cost reworking. As a 25th level character the only way for me to reach formals as a spell sword would be to sacrifice nearly all martial ability. this is something that feels abit counter to the point of that class. I understand for balancing a spellsword shouldn't have martial things for as cheap as a warrior but at the same time on a lot of martial skills we are paying the same cost as a rogue. This for me stands in stark contrast to other cross classes like scout that enjoy a few skills at the same cost as warriors. The main reason I bring this up is that it feels weird to me that as a lvl 25 (as of last event) I cannot manage a build that would let me purchase even one rank of formals without sacrificing martial to the point that being a scholar is almost more appealing.

even if some of my math is off on all this I do feel the core sentiment I'm trying to get across is still true. Hopefully my ramblings make some semblance of sense.

EDIT: after extensive fiddling I did find a build for a spellsword using my lvl that was able to achieve formals. While it does fit the idea of people having variation in their builds (this one is far more magic based vs martial) I do still feel that some things like the very high cost of weapon skills (eg one handed edge) do diminish the utility of this cross class. As I stated earlier it feels off that I have to nearly completely abandon martial skills (this build has about half the martial ability of my previous spell sword build) in order to gain the one ability and in the end only one use of it because its unlock is based on martial build spending.
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1. Post your favorite moments

Jaxx getting scared obviously! Still chatting with Balinox while everyone was controlled by voice. Screaming at Diggs when Arthur was in town.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

Town is empty. The moment a group goes on a mod the 'bustling town' is quite. There are no merchants, or guards, townsfolk, goblins, or anything coming through town. I had hours where I wandered around and barely saw a soul.

3. What you would like to see more of

See above!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

As the undead were coming from all around them in the lux, Jinn saw a ghostly figure. It floated by and in the excitement Jinn couldn't make out what it was asking for, but it took his hand and lead him towards the Arcane Sanctum. As they walked away from the fighting he could make out the request. "come on Walter, lets finish this and go home" Jinn's heart sank, as he realized it was Arthur. Evo had joined him and they discussed what was to be done. After making their choice, Jinn walked up to the figure of Arthur, but was interrupted by Diggs. "Here just let me kill the damn this and the undead will take off" Digg's said, raising his sword. A flurry of expletives flew from Jinn's mouth as he told Digg's in slightly different words that he would kill him where he stood if he touched the ex penta member.

After dealing with Arthur, Jinn was able to apologize to Digg's and explain what was going on.

5. Please add a few things that you really liked about the 2.0 ruleset

Armored shell! I felt like a damn monster just brushing off hits! Once again I really enjoy that I can take skills now based on what i'm spending in a specific group.

6. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset

I haven't noticed much, but i'm making a new build to test rogue skills next month so we shall see
1. Post your favorite moments
Dropping bat after bat into a bottomless pit.
The Cat jumping out in front of Jaxx in the dark reaches.
Making the door to the Mod we were harder on ourselves because we enjoyed the puzzle to open it.
Feeling my RP has been getting better lately. it might not be a big improvement from month to month, but I feel it's much better than what it used to be.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Not being able to get the raw production we needed for the bridge building task. the mod ended up being way longer than it needed to be.

3. What you would like to see more of
That 3D printed cylindrical puzzle but in different versions. if you had several different ones you could even combine the different layers together so the inner and outer layer are different from each other. (they might already be but just looking at them they seemed to be the same or very similar.
Other unique puzzles. this was the first time i seen that puzzle in game and everyone there was interested in it. Having puzzles you know the PCs can handle in great, but if you see a couple people who you know enjoy puzzles on one lair, try throwing something new into the mix. Maybe it's just me, but i like a novel challenge once in a while.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
As I remove the outer layer of the door lock, the door starts to open.
"oh, there is a second layer to this puzzle!"
The door returns to its previous closed position.
"Who wants to do the inner layer?"

5. Please add a few things that you really liked about the 2.0 ruleset
The way you can use different skills in conjunction with each other or working off one another. Each characters build feels more unique and less cookie cutter.

6. Please add your thoughts on things we need to review for the 2.0 ruleset
Cannot think of anything at the moment that hasn't already been brought up
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