September Event!

What an event! It was NON-STOP the whole weekend!!! Im so sore right now, LOL!!!!

I had a good time this event guys! I wanted to give a big thanks to all the NPCs who kept on running Mod after Mod! You guys did great! Thanks for keeping all of us entertained!!

I also wanted to thank the Plot team. You guys put some SERIOUS effort into this event and it really showed! Your time and effort to make this event great has got me SERIOUSLY excited about October! I cant wait!!

OMG THE FOOD. Seriously? Breakfast on Sunday?!?!?! With Apple Cobbler?!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!

Here are my highlights:

- Realizing the possibilities of Land Ownership and how very VERY excited it has me!
- The Carnival. Hands down my favorite mod / time of the event!
- Alabaster messes with Time but Time, essentially, saved Alabaster from Permanent Death? What?!?!
- Riposte, once again, proves to be the bane of Durk's existence.

Cant wait for October!



100% agree with GJ. Fantastic event. So much going on, it was almost a problem. We'd have people up a ready to go on a mod, and then another hook would come in, or wave battle. "%!#@@# Now I gotta talk to this guy." Good stuff. I loved the variety of the mods. There was RP when I wanted, combat when I wanted. Food forever.

Big thanks to everyone who worked so hard. Npc's grinding mod after mod, plot keeping things moving. Overall a great event.

Couple favortie points.
1. Coming into game, chatting with the Baron, then realising 2 people were already in the circle. Jeezus!! "Hey let's get out what's going on..." Death Gas x a million. "Alrighty then With Eldritch Force I build a Ward." and back to chatting with the Baron. :thumbsup:

2. The Ashnar show and his unique way of solving issues. re: undead mod

3. Albaster f-ing with me all weekend. With local nobles asking if "Is this a HoG thing, or is he really going to res you?"

4. Seeing all my friends. I loved going a mod with Percy. He'd be a great guy if he didn't always hang out with Durk.

5. I'm sure I forgot something, but I'm doing a drive-by posting at work.

Looking Forward to Oct.


Rezzik (NWC)

Traverse City Staff
I had a blast this weekend. Each event is a learning experience for the plot team, and we get to take some really good things away from this event. October is the season closer, and I hope it is our best event yet.

It was great seeing everyone, and can't wait to do so again.


jwconvery said:
2. The Ashnar show and his unique way of solving issues. re: undead mod

Thanks for the props; I aim to please.

I enjoyed the duality of humping an evil witch into submission and then immediately getting a little girl a Gift of Life and escorting her back to her mother. Ashnar in a nutshell.

Had a good time, overall. Sad I won't be there for next event. Say something inappropriate and hump something inanimate for me. ;)



i was kind of let down when I finaley git to do the Slavers event...all we did was kill the slavers and went into the portal.I was kind of hoping for more,but the rest of the group i was with just wanted to get to the portal.I was not all that happy about it,but i still had fun.Just makes me want to go on the things i want to do alone and take my chances.