September Favorites


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
House Acrisias posed a moral choice about working with monsters. I enjoyed that the reward of doing so was really direct and clear, so much that I could get to play the okay I can't object game.

Leopold Cicera was a real jerk and I enjoyed it. Nice mind game. A+ surrender and feelijfa about desperate leaders.

The yes, and, when we really want to talk to a Legionnaire and got whacky with a plan to do so. Hello, your rides are a weird misty dog and an artifact with hilarious rules, thank you for playing.

I've gone on a lot about how much I loved the Aran Sevaran land bond mod. That was such a surprise twist on what I guessed from my IBGA. I'm glad Tova could be in on it when IG she'd previously skipped out. From the Aran dismissing his night all the way through his surprise calling up the bond's power, I loved the opportunity to flavor and fill out understanding the Earth's raw magic from different contexts.

We are surely in for a wild ride against the Wither King and Oberon. At least we gathered some interesting allies. Getting Anaxion off the pressing enemies list by fighting Sean M for two hours was some champion cardio by Sean. See you at the end!