September favorites


Hey all, let the staff and others know what your favorite moments from this past event were/are.
I was only there for Saturday and now I need to keep reminding myself that I'm over fifty, out of shape and broken. But it was fun to be npcing even for a while.

Finally bringing the start of a plotline to life after several re tools to fit into several different campaigns. When Brian told me I was up, I went into full on stage fright. I haven't been that nervous in a while. Thank you to Videa plot team for giving me the opportunity to let the creative energy out.Thank you to the players and NPCs who helped start bringing this to life.
The mask made it difficult to see your reactions to the first appearance of this npc, but I could definitely feel the oh $#!+ moment when you got a good look. I was hoping for that effect on whoever came on this mod. I look forward to more of those in the future!
Playing one arm of the worm in the afternoon, multiple part monsters are fun. Rachel that was a fun encounter and a neat costume.
The look on Will's face when the heal brought me back up. Yeah that just happened.
Old friends and their kids in npc camp.
Being able to team plan an on the fly role play encounter that served a couple purposes was kinda fun.
See you all next month!


New Hampshire Staff
What a great event.
Got to have a blast playing the oathsworn I'm really loving the first oath well here some are in no specific order just great moments I thought off

1. Getting to killing blow resurrection with a elemental slayer
2. Law arguments with the deputy
3. Ixumaht many saves of my life that engulf had me
4. Watching Galena going bonkers with the elemental strikes on the black unicorn
5.polaris and ixumaht crazy trap disabling techniques
6. Mirror mask man that guy was creepy
7. What kind of town lets liches run around ?
I had a ton of fun npcing this event
from playing the worlds oldest coliganaught
to playing a boss for the 1st time ever. I really thought i was going to pass out from being nervous before hand. i was really focused on those in front of me, so i dont know how it looked from the other side. I hope i gave you all a good fight and didnt screw it up to badly.
i also enjoyed playing an undead for creating undead.
hearing jena scream "DID I CAST NECROMANCY?!!" when she got dropped and healed was the best thing ever
and the perfect opportunity to get nick as well. "VASHA whats wrong with you?" lols
then sunday helping be dustin's wing gnoll, and then taking over the tavern after was so awesome.
sorry i cant be there for october. I'll see you guys in the spring though
and I will have some super happy fun times for you. mwahahahahahahaha