SF Logistics Email


Hi there,

I've been trying to get some event blankets for my Oregon character for a couple months now but haven't received any responses. Are either of these the correct email?


Is anyone even answering these e-mails? I've had blanket requests in since May.
I'm not logistics staff, so I don't know. I do know I've brought this thread to the attention of our AGM, so it should be getting addressed. If you haven't heard anything in a week or so, I'd prod the issue again.
Hi there,

For a variety of reasons, our Logistics responses haven’t been where they need to be lately. We know we messed up, and we are really sorry. We are making some changes, and will be working to catch up as soon as we are able. We ask your patience just a bit longer as we work through things, but we promise we will make things right as soon as we are able.

Thanks, and again, our sincere apologies,
General Manager
Alliance LARP San Francisco