shadows and dragons

On October 17th
Riddick Fen Jaque and myself found ourselves outside the mountain home of the dwarves in Torpenholm.

Entering the cave, there was a tunnel and the name Shadow hook mining company on a door.

Entering the door we indeed encountered shadows.

Of which there were numerous.
Also the dragon WE ( as that is NOT his name) call Malice entered our minds along the way even attempting shadow possession.

I suspect that he was with us the entirety of our stay under the mountain dispite a volkar casting a proscribe of sorts. Because again he did it for Malice and that is NOT his name. That is the name Pardano gave him and we still call him, unfortunately.

Anyway we were successful in why we were brought there and survived some how another encounter with one of those strange black, creatures that we don't see sometimes during the time skips. This particular one was very powerful, I myself almost ressurected. But we learned they are Dragonoids.

I wanted to tell you all that it might be time again to memorize and or stock light spells and scrolls if you are to travel to Caldaria.

Avalon Willowcrest
Shadowbough tribe
House Sunderdragon

Thank you for sharing this information. Please meet with me at the start of the gather so we can go over some of the details a little more.

Squire Heresy
Squire Heresy, Avalon,

I will also be at this next upcoming gather, but I will not be arriving till later in night. I would like to talk to you both about what happened, so that I have a better understanding of some of the more important events that have happened before I awoke.

May the trees guard you as you sleep and the wind sing you soft dreams,

=Fen Rover