Share something positive


Hello all,
As things are a little bit crazy right now in our small bit of the world for the like 337 reason. I was thinking it could be great for us to share some positivity. With some thing may be fun that you’re making or doing?

I told time is to make a staff.


That looks great!

I personally got a new kilt for my PC and loving it. Never new how comfortable these are. And also working on a fur/leather arm piece for my wife that covers her whole weapon arm. Pics will come once finished!


Public Relations Committee
My oldest son will be playing Alliance NEPA (Ascension) whenever all these shenanigans are over. His excitement is palpable every time I bring Alliance up at home.

It is incredibly refreshing to have the excitement of a new player in the house again.


Ending of an Era

Alliance Denver just finished up their 7-year Campaign: Shard- Tarnikesia ~ Kingdom- Acarthia.

We held Virtual events every month since May (8 hour-long events online). Ran modules 1+ times a week using Roll20 and had a final event last night that closed all of this out.

Starting Nov 2020, we will be changing things over to the new Denver location: Shard - Gileania ~ Realm - Nydabeth

It feels amazing to have a little bit of downtime however now we all feel like we are forgetting something! :)