Shatter Spirit

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Is Shatter Spirit a standard, Alliance-wide effect voted in my the owners several years ago that was never added to the ARB/Addendum?

I have heard from several sources that it is, but I can neither find a reference to it in the ARB, nor is there a reference to it it being added as a standard effect in the Announcement nor the ARC board, and I don't see an addendum.

If it is a Standard Effect, what is the official wording?

If not, chapters can and should go back to announcing it at logistics/opening ceremonies/at the start of modules, etc.

This post is to inform you that your question is currently being discussed by the ARC and once some clarification has been made will be posted here. Depending on the level of clarification and discussion (and potential involvement of the Owners or other national staff, if needed) this may take time.
Shatter Spirit is an official Alliance ritual with the following text:

Ritual Name: Shatter Spirit

Aspect: Earth

Difficulty Rating: 3

Catalyst Required: No

Scroll Type: Spirit

Casting Time: 5 Minutes

Duration: Instantaneous

Instructions: The ritual caster must spend 5 minutes in the casting of this ritual. The ritual will last forever, for it is instantaneous and irreversible. This is an Earth Aspect ritual and will always be the same as the aspect of the ritual caster and must also be the same aspect as the Circle of Power. The target may not refuse this ritual; it is considered "unavoidable" for the purposes of effects such as Sacrifice. Once this ritual has begun, the spirit is unable to leave the Circle of Power until the ritual is complete. This ritual forces the target to immediately dissipate and resurrect as if it had suffered a single death. The target selects a place of resurrection normally. If the spirit has another ritual that abrogates the need to pull from death's bag they need not pull, but their spirit is still weakened by this death. If a Spirit Bottle is affected by a Shatter Spirit, the spirit will suffer a single death. Undead under a Curse of Undeath or a living creature under a Controlled Spirit Store will reform at their Spirit Bottle and their spirit will be weakened by a single death. If this death places them beyond the 12 deaths allocated to the spirit bottle, they will suffer their permanent death and the ritual which stored the spirit and/or created the bottle will be destroyed. Undead not under a Curse of Undeath will resurrect as stated in the Transform to Greater Undead ritual.

Component Notes: This ritual requires 3 reagents as listed on the scroll.

Spellcraft Instructions: This ritual may NOT be spellcrafted.
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