Resolved Shatter Untagged Items

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I was told by my local marshals to ask this here for clarity.

What can shatter / Destroy affect?

Can you shatter pants? Can you shatter coin? Can you destroy a chair? Can you shatter gatorade?

We were unsure if it's literally anything within the size requirements, or limited to only tagged items.


Shatter can affect untagged items at the discretion of your local Marshals. Some things might be disallowed for safety reasons, for example, or appropriate-ness reasons. But you can definitely shatter such things as coin, pouches, and (small) chairs.

Keep in mind that, as with anything else in Alliance, the Good Sportsmanship rule trumps everything else. If you shatter someone's cup while it's full and they're pulling it up to drink, they need not actually splash liquid all over nor waste their delicious drink. If you constantly run around shattering every NPC's shoes you encounter to try and force them to fight barefoot, expect there to be repercussions and to have a Marshal talk to you about your actions.

-Bryan Gregory
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