Sheild building and pole arm building question

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    Hi all,

    I am curious about the rules of how big a shield is allowed to be and what the most wise materials are to use to build one? The shield I am trying to build is roughly 22" in diameter and is just a simple circle.

    Also, I am interested in building a pole-arm. I found in the rulebook that the maximum length possible is 72". However, I know that there would be a "bladed" part of the pole (the part that does damage to someone else) and I haven't found anything about the length requirements for that part. And as for the core, I was thinking of using 3/4" cpvc pipe for the core for the 72" pole-arm. Has anyone experienced that core being too bendy for that length of pole-arm?

    If anyone has advice about either of these things, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  2. Ardos

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    Hey, I have several shields and the construction tends to come to personal preference. If it's just a circle shield, it can be up to 26" in diameter, otherwise, no side longer than 36" and must be less than 531 square inches total. I personally use strapped shields, with my kite and coffin shields being made of the pink wall insulation foam, I think it was either the 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch thick. My current personal favorite though is a steel sled made into a round shield. There are people in both camps for heavy/light shields, and for center grip/strapped and for shape used. The key takeaway for making shields is those size requirements and that you surround it in a minimum of 5/8 inch pipe foam. I could happily send you the dimensions I found gave the best coverage for kite/coffin if you want.
    For polearm head rules, see the top of page 83 in the rulebook, noticably thicker, use open cell foam, don't make something that could dangerously hook. Cpvc core at that length tends to get really whippy and bendy, if you can afford it, kitespar/fiberglass would suit you better.

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