Shoulder Armor for sale

I have three Shoulder Pauldrons (shoulder armor) for sale.
The pauldrons themselves are handcrafted out of 20 gauge steel. The straps are made of a high quality finished leather with high quality nickel plated buckles. The pauldrons are solidly held together by copper rivets.
These pauldrons are ideal for LARP battles, medieval re-enactments, or any other time you might need to have a little solid something on your shoulder.

I have three available, and could have more ready within a matter a couple weeks.

Shipping costs
DELIVER TO More Than One Item
COST to Canada $25.00 CAD $35.00 CAD
United States $35.00 CAD $50.00 CAD

I will ship outside Canada and the states, contact me with your postal code for me to figure out how much the shipping will cost.