besides work and school, what do you people do in your free time during the off season? the wife and I are planning on doing an anime con but still. i need to fill free time
We tend to do a lot of board game nights, and multi-player video games. Hard to get bored when we may have had the greatest year of video gaming in history. We also work behind the scenes to try and make the chapter happen. Just because there are no events does not mean that staff members get to rest.
Make stuff to donate for the season opener.

Don't know how to make stuff? Now is a great time to learn.

Stick with short swords to start they are easy, don't make a ton just learn how with them. Or packets. Everyone loves packets. Tabards, costuming... whatever. Shields aren't rocket science. And if bev doesn't need it, I bet Somi does, and you can have gobbies in both places. If you can't get down to Somi, you can give it to one of us Somi-native and we'll deliver it for you. Which means gobbie blanketing more events/ more build. WHEEE!!!!

if you want advice, feel free to e-mail me "jwconvery AT gmail DOT com"

Damn fishing bots.

If its packets you want to make, i have enough white fabric to make about 2k squares; along with another 2k already cut. They are about to hit the trash unless someone wants them.

Mason Allard
if no one has taken them allard....and they are still out of the trash...i will take em =)