Prince of the Grey Bastion and the Akond of Swat,
I have taken a recent interest in your poetry. If there is a way to get in touch with you, I would like to listen to more of your musings.

-Zehnyu Shanshi
Carrier of No Titles.

Cral Yamm

(appears embossed in a unknown orange metal on the message board)
I am afraid that you have inadvertently stuck a cursed wand into a hive of exploding bees, for because of current conditions in my existence
I am compelled to answer your request with potentially deadly consequences. I am sorry that you have asked this as its effects on
those around me may be terrible, although you have asked in innocence. Anyone who wishes to communicate with me please ask your question first of those who love me to see if it is safe to do so.

The soft force of my dreams resides on me this day
in rest or rise. Drowsy velvet tread of sleep mosses
among my bones, where strange shapes feel along
and I drawn with them to where Grey men seek to go
of taste of touch, there I am led blind.