Silvering/strengthening costs


Oregon Staff
There was some ambiguity in the past about the costs for silvering/strengthening and I've received a response from one marshal that contradicts the example listed in the beta rulebook. The rules are as follows:
Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2 pg. 35 said:
Items can be made in two ways. The simplest is to create items at Logistics. You will be asked to show your Character Card with your skill level. You must also pay a copper piece per Production Point.
Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2 pg. 40 said:
To silver an existing weapon, the blacksmith must pay 15 Production Points and 15 silver pieces. Silvering an existing arrow or bolt costs 1 silver per arrow or bolt and 1 Production Point (note that these costs are separate from the costs of the actual creation of the weapon itself.) Once applied, the silver can never be removed.


Advanced use: A character with 10 or more levels of Blacksmith is considered a Journeyman, and only spends 4 copper for every 5 production points of Blacksmithing. Silvering and strengthening do not benefit from this reduction in cost.
Given a blacksmith with 10 ranks of blacksmithing adding silver to 10 existing arrows, which of the following is the correct?
  • 100 cp (100 cp for silvering)
  • 112 cp (8 cp silvering production cost for ten arrows w/discount + 100 cp for silvering 10 arrows)
  • 114 cp (10 cp silvering production cost for ten arrows w/o discount + 100 cp for silvering 10 arrows)


Seattle Staff
10 Silver for 10 Arrows (not affected by JM discount).

10 PP for 10 Arrows = 8 CP because of discount.

108 CP total. You had the formula right in the middle, but somehow you came to 112. (I think you added 20% instead of deducting 20%).