Snakekin! Care to offer some tips/pics?


Hey folks! Returning player here and I reaaaaaally want to play a snakekin! I've seen on the forums here that others have done it, but for the life of me, I can't find pictures! So if possible, could you post a picture or tell me what you did? Also roleplay tips! Anything you can offer!

Also some questions that I didn't find in the national packet.

1. Warm blooded or cold blooded? (or is that up to the player?)
2. Similar to 1, mammals or reptiles? Like.... which?
3. Legs? Did you IG have them? If not, how did you do that? (have some ideas, thought of it after I heard someone compare snakekin to Naga)

Thanks in advance!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
While I personally haven't played a snakekin, I can't say enough good things about using a fishnet material (weave caps, stockings, whatever) to achieve a good scale effect rather than drawing on a scale design. A Google image search for "fishnet scales makeup" will give you tons of inspiration, and there are lots of tutorials out there if you need more specific guidance on how to do it.


Not having legs seems like it would be a nightmare to rep well in a game that involves a lot of tramping about in the woods and fields, but if you can come up with a way to do it I absolutely want to see it!


My idea for repping the no legs, not sure if it would work perse, was I have this really long robe that hides my legs. I was thinking of using that (because why need pants if you have no legs amiright?) then have a tail kinda come from under the robe. But atm, its more of just planning!


-up to the player
-up to the player
-and either way

Essentially since there is so little flavor text on them, biology is a giant grey area with wylderkin and you can do a lot off the cuff.

I did not play it, but I helped design a local snake kin. You have so many options, just play around with what is interesting and works for you : )


The owner of Caldaria chapter, Jesse plays a snake kin, Kainen, and may have tips if you get ahold of him. If you still need them that is.


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Kyn are humanoid shaped. Granted, if you want to wear a long robe and tail, it is your character.
There are a few good prosthetic snake masks, but I sort of get tired of them after 20 hours.
Like always, contact your local Plot team with location specifics that may help your background.