Snoozin Spots

Hiya everybody! I have half a dozen or so folks lookin for lodging in a week and a half. Is there somewhere we can go? We're fairly tidy and don't carry fleas or ticks. Also, we bring snacks!

Pretty please?

I would be happy to room with you but where I plan to room is small.

May I
Recommend the first cabin with the C onion it- the C building not occupied by the Pride?

If needed I can help when you arrive to find the correct building!


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Guild Mistress Cyn,

I think we can squeeze down to 4 beds. Maybe less if there are room for cots. And I am pretty much a professional snuggler, but I gotta warn you I am still blowing my coat since winter ran so late this year. As long as you don't mind fur on all your nice pretty things, I am game!



The Celestial Guild will have room, plenty of beds, not a lot of standing or floor space.

Thank you Gideon! I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings cause I want to stay in both your nice houses, but we will gladly sleep wherever there is room.