So...I have gas.

Joseph Smith

Adventurers, I have been known to overshare at times. This isn't one of those times.

I have a bunch of gas globes (but could still use more) and now I'm looking for Gas Traps to make better use of them. If you, or a "friend" you know, can provide Gas Traps I'm looking to buy. If you have the ability to create Gas Traps or Gas Globes (Paranoia or Enfeeble are best) I am interested in buying your production.

This initiative is aimed at gassing the Myconids. So while damaging gasses are nice, they aren't what I'm looking for.

There IS a catch. When responding to this notice, you must title your response "I have gas."

That is all.

-Joseph Smith


From what we've seen in the past, these Mycanoids can attach spores to those nearby and infect them. As a result, I would advise also maintaining a storage of alchemical solvents to apply to those affected & prevent further spread.

Safe Travels,


I don't have any gas, but I can also confirm that antidotes are effective at removing the spores from people who are infected.