So much fun sad to go ...


I have had so much fun in my short time In the Alliance larp Denver chapter. sadly things in life have mae it look as if I soon shall be moving to attlanta gorgia and I am sad to go .. I will miss the awsome interactions. But. just because I am gone dose not mean i will not still try and help . i very much plane to try and write some awsome storys for you all and see if they can run. and who knows.. just because i move it may not mean i dont fly in to come to every even t ^..^


thank you for the link i was atuly looking for larps there. and if all works well. perhaps i can fly in for the events here ^^ i by no means want to stop . way to much fun and to many ideas in my head.


Hi there! Pardon me that I've lost track of your real name, and who you are, Kuro -- I lived in Atlanta for 10 years, and it has much to recommend it. I fly back to Atlanta about four times a year to LARP (and I'm heading out to DragonCon there this weekend, actually). I'd be happy to recommend some groups to you. If I see you at NERO Atlanta's Tyrangel campaign sometime, it'd be my pleasure to introduce you around, too. I NPC the Duchess in that game, which is styled very similarly to our New Acarthia campaign here, and I'm also a guest writer of some story when I feel like it. I'd be happy to give you the hookup with some introductions. Please feel free to drop me a line at if you wish.

Best of luck in your move! I hope you love it there!

Trace Moriarty


Diversity Committee
Hi! I also lived (and larped) in Atlanta for a long time, and I can second everything Trace says. I heard great things about Solar. I played with a group called Legynds, and they were a ton of fun. From their website, it looks like they may have undergone some changes, so I can't say whether they're still the way they were, but I think it's worth looking into.

Also, Trace? I'll be at DragonCon too! I hope we run into each other!