Soldier Care Packages


The place where I work sends care packages to soldiers stationed in either Iraq or Afghanstan and is looking for names to be sumbitted to send packages.

If you know of any family members or friends who are stationed in either Iraq or Afghanstan, let me know so that their name may be submitted. What is in the care package depends on what the person the package is sent to would like.

If you have anyone you would like to be put on the list PM me.

We just did that at my high school. Sent over 900 food items to the soldiers in Iraq and our class made cards for them. We've posted lists around town for those who want to sign up.
That would be nice. Since last i posted, we've gotten over 900 in aid to soldiers and civilians overseas.


Well, you can all send packages to this address:

Dennis Higgins
APO AE 09342

Don't worry about what to send. If I don't need it, there is ALWAYS someone who does. And I'll be at a fairly well built up area, so I don't need a lot of the hygiene items (toothpaste, baby wipes, etc) that soldiers at outstations need (or that we had trouble getting early in the war). And packages get to me about a week after they are sent, so that's cool.

And it's not my final destination (THANK GOODNESS), but Kuwait really sucks. And the internet is slow here.
Being a Soldier in Iraq sucks in the worst kind of way.... I should know doing that twice. I will say this about items being sent over make sure if you send any liquids put them in individual ziploc bags. And truthfully none of us ever cared what we got we were just so happy and thankful to get anything. The most priceless thing you can send is your support. Thanks for giving me the space to ramble on here


Send em boffers and a rulebook


I sent a friend of mine 30 packages of Dentyne Gum and a scarf. My other friends thought I was a nut for doing it. He said that not only did he and his mates enjoy the gum but it also came in handy as gifts to some of the local children. And apparently the scarf was something he desperately needed. Apparently most of my friends don't realize that a desert doesn't stay hot 24 hours a day.

I originally asked if he had body armor as I was going to buy a vest off of eBay if he didn't. Turns out that he did so that saved me a lot of cash.