Some more lost than others


It is strange, I want to think that “we’ve gone and done it again” but there is something distinctly different about how this ritual went wrong. It is safe to say that we are not in the Grasslands as we had intended. What I cannot say is if the Grasslands even exist anymore. I am sure we cannot travel back to where we came from, though there may still be some path from that place.

What I know is this; We are most likely still in the Sheltered lands. The locals called this place The Wildlands. The people of this land refer to the fall of the corrupt as “The Time of Myth”, and cannot remember exactly how long ago that was. We have not yet found a map of these lands, so we cannot know how far we have traveled. The entire Stream and Willow was transported (mostly) safely to this new place and age, with perhaps two dozen of the adventures of Horizon with her. These lands appear to be infested with, if not actually ruled by, the Fae.

We have struck a sort of accord. For the next two weeks we will not travel outside of eyesight of our building, and they will not interfere with us seeing to our wounded, repairing any damage to the building, and looking for our lost. When that time has passed I’m sure we will parley, and try to establish our place in these lands.

Until that time we may try to dream of the past, and try to connect to all the people we have lost. So I send this to the people with me in these Wildlands;

Join with me and send your thoughts and dreams back to the place where we came from. Think on the people you cared for and have lost, think of the comrades and friends, think of your families. Perhaps they may hear these thoughts and be able to join us in this new land. We are in a new and strange place, but we may yet have our family here with us.



My dreams have been dark of late and memories of my travels before Horizon disturbingly fragmented, but I have focused my meditations in these strange times upon those companions who broke bread with me in the Stream and Willow, those stalwart adventurers who stood beside me against the unending waves of the corrupt. With any luck we will be successful in drawing them. The unparalleled mental prowess of my Blood is also available to those in the Stream and Willow that lack confidence in their faded memories; I am more than willing to pull the memories from your mind, illuminate them, and help you forge dream paths so that your loved ones can find us.



Chicago Staff

Seeing as we are in new land and negotiations will likely have to begin on some level, perhaps as before with the town of Hope's Reach, we can designate a small group of 3 or 4 individuals to take point in getting everything set for the future. Aurious had suggested it to me, and after initially thinking it wasn't needed, after a few days to reflect, it doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Just a small group to take point in information gathering, guiding the town where it needs to go, establishing rules for acquisition of valued goods (scrolls, catalyst, artifacts of power, etc) and other matters.

Perhaps someone such as yourself would like to take point on this? I can see very few better who are well known, respected and know what is going on--or can figure it out.

If I had to throw around a few other names, perhaps Cupbearer Zihr and Squire Fiona?

- Asher
Lord of Horizon


I'm kicking myself for missing the time shift, first Valdanis because i was too young and now this because I didn't see it coming!

I'm in no way desiring to be in charge (aside from of myself obviously) but I'd gladly support Baeleon, Zihr or Squire Fiona, as I am headed your way to see the new frontier as it is, hopefully I can be of some limited assistance.

-Kallith Toovir


Why is it dat every time me go on vacation in Wayside dat my home gets a bunch of stuff going on? Me will travel home and see what has happened, assuming that me is able to find this new land. Me will do what me can to help.




There are those among you who have dreamed the emerald dream and seen the great sleep. There are those that have seen the; future, past, and your present. Step forward knowing that this is your place and time. A time for great battles and adventure, a time of conflict and strife. Times like these always need heroes like you. Come to the aid of these lands and seek out new frontiers.

In short, do what you do best.



I hold my friends and family close to my heart. Please hear my quiet prayer: speak with truth and kindness, and don't leave me alone again. My heart won't fare so well on its own.
There is only so much one can take.