Sorcerous Triage Catalyst


Having to use a Catalyst for a once ever seems overboard. This is a high magic ability so having to find a Catalyst to use as a rebirth is too much and may never be used. On that note it cant not be converted over in the new rule system in the rebirth aspect. This will be coveted ritual for sure but with the limited Catalyst being able to be put out I think it will be a annoying ritual to have and never be able to cast then if you do have to use it for a once ever will be frustrating to players.

Sorcerous Triage (Earth, Spirit / Body / Item [Any], Times Ever) -
Sorcerous Triage allows the user to be instantly affected by a successfully completed First Aid when they would otherwise go from “Bleeding Out” to “Dead.” At 59 seconds into their bleed out count, the Player may make the OOG choice to activate this Ritual by stating “First Aid complete.” The user is restored to 0 body and must wait 1 minute to be restored to consciousness, per the First Aid skill. If cast with an optional Catalyst, the Ritual may alternatively be used to Rebirth (without needing a separate Life spell) when the character would have gone to resurrect, as per the High Magic ability of the same name. Note that this Ritual is Times Ever, not Times Per Day.



Chicago Staff
I see it as more of a catalyst ritual to avoid a single Resurrection. At base level, it's great alone if you're out in the middle of the woods and can avoid being dead. The catalyst just ensures you wont resurrect, which seems pretty amazing for non-Earth formalist who invest 8 HM into.


But using a Catalyst for a once ever seems over priced. being that chapters have limited Catalyst that can be sent out per year.


Raleigh Staff
I guess for my money, I'll buy this cat/scroll combo every time I can get my grubby hands on it, so whether it's worth the cost is probably in the eye of the beholder?


I would too. I just see this being a very limited ritual for the game as there are lot of rituals that now take a Catalyst.