South Michigan Donations Thread - Updated 06/05/19

Thank you so much to all of our Players who have donated time, items, and dollars to supporting Alliance SoMI as a Chapter. Your generosity has allowed us to put together a great game that we're proud to be a part of running.

Here is a current list of Items we'd love to have including costume pieces, weapons, storage boxes, makeup supplies, and Logistics needs (2.0 is Coming).
  • We still would love to have more solid colored tabards. They absolutely need to have hemmed edges to be durable enough to last. We'd love to have 10 of each of the following colors (in order of priority).
    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Grey
    • Yellow
If you have the ability to make these tabards, but don't want to purchase all of the fabric, please reach out to Matt, we'll be happy to provide you with supplies.
  • We can always use more weapons in Monster Camp including
    • Claws
    • Bites
    • Bows
    • 2 Handed Weapons
If you'd rather just repair weapons, come see the Plot team at the end of each Event, they'll have a group of weapons that need repairs for you to take home, repair, and return to the next Event.

Costume and Weapon donations receive GS for hard work and supplies. We're happy to give you 6 GS:$1 for supplies and 50 GS/hr for your work.

If you have other items, costumes, interesting stuff, or a 6' x 10' (or 12') trailer you'd like to donate, please contact Matt before bringing anything to an Event. We love your willingness to support us but we have a limited amount of space, so we can't take everything.
Other Stuff: Many of these links are to Amazon or other retailers for items we'd like to have. There's also a couple of opportunities to donate dollars to support different projects we're working on.

  • Better Potion Reps - We're tired of empty vials with plastic lids so we've crafted an improvement
  • Improved Treasure Distribution Gases and Blast Globes - We want to stop handing out stacks of tags, so we're trying out a new way to give you treasure
  • Makeup Application
  • Portable Lite Circle Reps
  • Alternate Tabard Option - If you'd prefer to just buy some basic tabards
  • Logistics
    • Laminating Pouch
    • "Fancy Parchment" Paper - Ritual scrolls, messages from the King, etc.
    • Other Paper - We get our Paper from Staples and get a discount as a business, if you're interested in supporting that please send us a donation to Paypal (If you think you can get us paper cheaper, please let Matt know). These funds may also be used for other 2.0 related Logistics costs.
  • NPC Food - We don't want our NPCs to pay anything for an Event as part of our thank you for their help. To that end, if you want to help feed your friendly monster friends you can donate to the NPC Food Fund on Paypal
Purchasing these items or donating to the funds will receive 6 GS:$1 spent. You can send things directly to our Headquarters:

Alliance South Michigan
Attn: Matt Ferrara
2585 Loon Lake Road
Wixom, MI 48393
Please let Matt know if things are coming.

Thank you again for all of your support.
In the last two months we've committed $3,000 to improving our mobile module tools with the purchase of two 10'x20' tents, tubes, development of movable walls, and other surprises. We couldn't do any of that without you supporting and attending our Events. We're so happy we have money to put back into making those Events better for years to come.
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As you might have seen, we gave out a few cup reps this weekend.

Unfortunately those cup reps are great for various puzzles and props, and we are now with out two. We'd like to replace them with similar style metal cups/chalices whatever.

If you've got one you're interested in donating snap a picture and send it over and we'll let you know if it'll works.