Special Dinner Raffle Continues!

To all,

Tickets for the Special Dinner Raffle will be sold during the forthcoming gather in Synvia begining late Friday night and ending just after dinner Saturday. The winner will recive their choice of dinner at the gather of their choosing. Whatever they want, so long as it is within my physical capacity to obtain (exotic magical creatures are exempt, please limit choices to mundane ingredients). Ask Squire Redella or Irina (after she gets hers at dinner) if they think its worth it.

All proceeds go to funding the Brittington war effort against the Thessi Empire. Tickets are 1 for a gold, 2 for ten silvers (must be in silvers). Seek me out in the kitchens or listen for me selling them at breakfast Saturday.

In Service,
Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer
Sir Landcharmer,

I be purchasing at least two via ten silver. I'll see you soon.

Altohtaro Armand
Special Forces Division, Ohtar
Imladar Northern Regional Command
Imladari Ambassador Pro Tempore to the Duchy of Ashbury


My friends, while Amaranthus is many, many things, a promoter of the finer things, he is not. Luckily he need not be, as I can do that for him!

The War Effort needs coin, as it always does and as it will until the abomination that is Thessi is wiped from the face of our world. You, my friends, have that coin! Perhaps more than you need even, and this fine, fine cause is worthy of donation for no benefit.

Of course, there are many things that you, as the brave souls who venture into dark places, need. You need good friends, companionship, and love of life. My friend Amaranthus does what he can to create that through good food and ambience, and he does it well.

But you need more than that! You need the tools to complete your self-appointed tasks, and I, having "adventured" in lands you have never heard of, over a life of adventuring longer than many of you have been alive, have many such.

Coming to a point, I promise, I have appointed myself (with Amaranthus' blessing) as a patron for his humble but excellent raffle. While I doubt the sheer pleasure of any of the donated prizes will match a custom meal served by a man who learned the culinary arts in lost Arkelos, they will prove interesting, valuable, or just plain fun.

To that end, I will be donating a selection of odds and ends (including some very unusual items that may not work in Icenia), and should there be sufficient interest, ritual scrolls and or magical items. I have even promised a magical item of a Permanent nature, should there be enough activity.

So, my friends, you have a chance to donate to a worthy cause and a chance to obtain rare or unique items!

Joshua Darion
House Nemesis


Asheville Staff
Out of curiosity, Joshua, do we get to know what you're donating for the raffle in more detail?

Amaranthus, raffle aside, please meet with me Friday evening when you are able. I have something for you.

~ Aisling
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