Special Event at the Soap Factory. July 29th-31st


In association with a large group of artists, the Soap Factory, and the Minneapolis Walker art Museum, We will be hosting a "performance art" event. This will be a full larp weekend, with the usual rules etc. but will be extremely unique due to the vast number of artists and support from these institutions! Here is what you need to know!

1.) Just like any other event your character will be at risk, you could die/perm etc. as usual, we will not be 'pulling punches' just because of the nature of the event.
2.) This is a performance art event, that means it will be open to the public to walk through (out of game) throughout most of the day, and many of the modules Saturday will open to the public for viewing, so please be aware!
3.) Pictures will be taken, and will be used by the various art institutions, anyone coming will need to be willing/accepting of having their picture taken.
4.) This will be a uncapped event, There will be no level cap in place.
5.) This is not a Sheltered Lands event, and will be held in it's own section of the mist, as such there will be no MI restrictions for restricted MIs, players may bring only 20 ritual effects of LCOs in, all items with flaws are subject to review and likely refusal if deemed more 'advantageous' then creatable via the high magic system.
6.) You MUST pre-registered to attend this event, we will NOT be accepting "at the door" PCs
7.) While we will be asking for a half-dozen Marshal volunteers, we will not be accepting NPC registrations for this particular event as we already have a staff of 40-60 npcs throughout each day of play on hand.
8.) Cost for this event will be a mere $25 (no pre-reg discount because Pre-registration is REQUIRED)
9.) Food will be fully catered/provided, but please make sure to include any allergies in your pre-registration.
10.) More details will be forthcoming, Pre-registration will open July First
11.) Sleeping areas will be provided, they will be indoors but not air conditioned, please bring personal bedding, please note due to space restriction we will not be allowing over sized bedding (Barristers find someone to share with or leave the queen sized air mattress at home)
12.) There is a single shower on site, and shower runs will be available by request should the need arise
13.) There are indoor bathrooms available on site, Monster camps 'make up prep' area with running water will be available until 11:59 Friday night, and by special request.
14.) Plot lines in this event will (should) hold personal meaning to your PCs but will be self-contained and will not continue past the event itself.
15.) A number of special coins and other reps will be used in game, these coins will have a 'conversion' value to our regular coinage, you may keep or turn in the coins as you prefer.
16.) The event will be held both indoors at the Soap Factory as well as in near-by parks and on the Walker's outdoor grounds.
17.) There will likely be a small amount of anachronistic things due to the strange realm your characters find themselves in.

This Event will be held at "The Soap Factory" in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.
The Address is

518 Second St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55458
:hahaha: Awesome!!


Charlottesville Staff
Talitha Vashti said:
:hahaha: Awesome!!
That's putting it lightly! Wish I could go to this!

I should definitely advertise this in my snazzy art school! :D Poster time!! :yes:

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Event marked on calendar, no other conflict. :thumbsup:


I can't wait to hear more.
I wonder where it will be located?
Should be fun, count me in.


Consider me a Marshal volunteer. :noway: :hahaha: :D
One question I have for us out of towners - where would we sleep? At the museum?


Know you said there were more details coming but the nerd in me won't let me not ask these questions...

Where will this take place(at the walker in mpls?)? The sculpture garden is the only place where this would even make sense at the walker. Also if it is the walker where would people sleep? It's right next to downtown minneapolis... I could see something possible going silly if the wrong drunk or what have you stumbles through.

Who is this army of NPCs(the 40-60 mentioned)? Do they know how to play? Where from?

If certain issues are covered... i'm in for sure. :ninja: :emo:


That appears to be a wizard in a business suit. Is this going to be a non-Fortannis event, and if so, are characters still going to gain xp?



At the bottom of the page, there is a description of what is happening at least behind the scenes. The event appears to be taking place at the Soap Factory. Sorry David, curiosity got the better of me as well.


The bit about 'multiple larp groups' suggests that this is probably non-fortannis. Seems like a neat idea, can't wait for more details.


so weird question... if our characters see a wizard in a modern suit... and our characters like the look... does that mean we can wear suits to game? :emo: :ninja:


I think we've gathered all the publicly available information in our excitement for this event, and of course there are more questions, but let's just wait for an official announcement about the details at this point.
Hey guys, I know this is further speculation. But Dave made a big post about this "not" being a level capped game. I would take this to mean that it IS going to be fortanis, otherwise why would people have high level characters to bring? Furthermore that would mean that its going to be the normal high fantasy genre so I doubt wearing a suit will really be in period.

As for the pictures on that website, tbh I think they are probably just a collection of random images that look somewhat 'fantasy Esq' that someone who didn't really know what larp looks like found to fill the space.


Could be. I was more going off the publicity byte.

The Soap Factory, one of Minneapolis’ leaders in contemporary art, is seeking an intern to assist with the installation and management of our summer project, The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP. Bringing together local artists, and several L.A.R.P.ing groups from Minnesota, this L.A.R.P.ing project will cross artistic disciplines and touch on costuming, installation art, video and performance. Weeks of preparation will culminate in a three day Live Action Role Playing event based at The Soap Factory directed by lead artist, Erik Ullanderson.

The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP is an incredibly vibrant project. The intern will work closely with artists and partner groups to build unique costumes, props, and installations at The Soap Factory, building a fantastic world for the adventure to take place. In addition to installation needs, the intern will assist in running the 3 day event. This internship is a valuable opportunity to gain practical installation skills and event planning skills.
The bit about multiple groups and being written by non-players is what made me figure it was probably not Fortannis. Given that even Mike V. has to change things about our setting to get stories to work out there, I'm sure that they'd rather not have to bend their artistic vision to the limitations of our setting. ;)

I do have my own reservations giving that it will be a 'directed' event, having played similar events under the old Northern Minnesota chapter, but am curious for more info.


While I understand people want as much information as possible, it is also fairly common for a small minority of players to take any amount of information and over analyze it and start posting all the possible pitfalls of any event. So in what is likely to be a futile attempt to curb such talk, I'll post a little bit more of what has been nailed down, and ask that people try to avoid letting their imaginations run wild with things that could go wrong/be different, if in the end this is not an event you are interested in, that's fine we do not expect this event to appeal to everyone. This event is going to be an extremely unique experience, even given our game system, and while there will be a small amount of bending, mostly around a bit of anachronistic costuming as some artists visions aren't a perfect match, the event will be run under our system, which includes all the key points of an Alliance game (such as safety standards and being alcohol free)

This event will not have multiple systems, nor a hod-podge of many, it will be strictly under the alliance rules, and a half dozen marshal volunteers will be watching every single module that is performed to answer questions/ensure things run smoothly and correctly. Please understand that Publicity items were designed before we fully signed on to participate. This game will be Fortannis based, in it's own section of the mists (ie it's own land) and our staff will be working with the artists to create a fun experience and plot line (The plot line is also restricted by our non-discrimination/religion policies).

Many, Many details remain to be explicitly defined, hence why we have not explicitly defined them, these include exact sleeping arraignments (they'll likely be on site, but not as plush as usual) But there are also a lot of fun, unique things that we are not always able to offer, including a massive supply of dedicated/excited artists to help design a unique play space and phys reps, and a rare chance to share our game with the public while including many artists that are excited to have a chance to participate!

As a final mention, no things done by NPC camp this event won't forever change our standards on any thing in the future (wise ankles :p)

Thanks for the info. The sleeping arrangements were the only thing I was worried about, as I'm not around the corner to just go sleep at home...



Thanks for explaining this a little more. I was captivated by the first post. I am very interested in costume aspect of this. Heck, I am just interested in general. Hopefully I will be able to cross the long distance and be able to make this one.