Spell Books


Any thoughts on where I could find any in calgary?
Try Micheals craft store in the scrap booking section. I found a small journal book at the Dollar store that looks right, but haven't seen any there since.

Try scrap booking stores.

Another possability is an old book store. If you find an old book for super cheap, take out some of the pages.
Cool thanks.
Michaels has a set of nifty looking books that are actually hollow inside. This would allow players to have a Phys Rep of a Spell book, and a handy storage place to put their Tags, Battle Board, and other pertinent info.

You can also try a lot of Florist or Gift shops. They tend to have a lot of the hand-made craft items, and one of those tends to be leather bound note books. Depends on how much you want to spend, and how authentic you want your Spell Book to look.
You can also head to Chapters and Take a look at the Jounrals that they have. A bit high of price but you et what you pay for. There are always little nic naks to be found in some of the shoppes in kensington too.
Look into the Flower shops around Calgary. They tend to have a lot of additional items for sale, one of which seems to be popular is hand-crafted leather bound notebooks. Michelle's Floral Boutique (2 locations, one in Sundance, another in Oakridge) for example has a lot of nifty crafts, books, charms, and other miscellaneous goods that can help flesh out your outfit.
:thumbsup: Also the Used shops like Value Village and Urban Thrift. In fact the manager to UT dropped off 2 journals that will work perfectly as spellbooks.