Spellbooks and rituals


Seattle Staff
William Wizarding has a blue spellbook phys-rep, which he uses for his Earth spellbook. He also uses it for his Alchemy book and Celestial book.

The spellbook is targeted by an Item Recall and Spell Swap, single batch.

1) Does only one tag receive the benefits of the Spell Swap, or does the entire rep?

2) If William Recalls the spellbook, does he get the entire book, or only the enchanted section?

3) Can the other “books” be Destroyed?

4) If William is holding the combined book, and it is Disarmed, can he drop a tag to the ground, but keep the remaining two books (and thus phys rep)?


5) His Celestial book only has up to 4th list spells. Can he add more spells to his book? Or does the item being enchanted prevent it from changing?


From the "Spell Book" section of the rulebook:
"Out of game, a spell book consists of a tag from Logistics that lists every spell of a specific aspect."
"Spell books must be bound; a sheet of paper is not sufficient. You must provide your own spell book phys rep.
Multiple tags can be included in the same spell book physrep (such as both an Earth and a Celestial spell book, or
an Alchemy recipe book as well)."
"Someone who steals a spell book may keep the tag but bring the book to Logistics for return to the player
(unless otherwise stated by the player on the same page as the tag)."

1. I think only one tag receives the benefit. This seems to parallel armor where the physrep and the tag are separate items. And while you need an appropriate book to use the tag, the actual item is the tag.
2. He just gets the enchanted tag. The physrep is not included.
3. Yes
4. I want to say yes.
5. As long as it was not the celestial book enchanted, yes.

Reasoning: The spellbook section gives multiple examples of how the tag is the physrep, and not the book. Tags are transferable between books, can not be encoded like a book could, and can be stolen with the book being returned. It is also the case that one physrep cannot be tagged as two or more different In-Game items, and having one book be considered the physrep for two different spellbooks would be violating that rule, but that case is specifically allowed.